XS Road racer2

XS 650 Road racer. AHRMA Sportsman 750,Framecrafters lighter, stronger frame, Trackmaster style, Manx geometry, front and rear discs work powerfully, handles superbly, never down or a scary moment. 18″ F&R wheels, Avon tires with more races to go. Clip ons and higher superbike bars, quick swap. New chain and sprockets. Progressive shocks. Engine has 750 yamaha euro kit pistons,mild porting, Shell cam, manifolds and 34mm Mikuni carbs.

XS Road racer

K&N large air filtersARD electronic ignition from Shell, no battery necessary!, Mike’s XS rods 2x as strong as stock, new main bearings aligned,balanced, spot welded by BoreTech and Falicon, quite smooth, Engine has great low end, monster midrange and very decent top end, very easy to ride.

XS Road racer3

Just raced at Daytona with no problems! On Ebay.

xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop
xs650 Bandana