XS 650 bratstyle


  1. REEB says:

    that is a badass bike! where can i find the builder and or more info/

  2. Domtar says:

    FÉLICITATION!!! C est du CRISS de beau travail! J’ espere qu’ on va se voir au bike and tattoo en fin de semaine sinon j’ espere qu on va se croiser sur la route cet été. A plus. DOMTAR

  3. Andy Larmouth says:

    The more i watch the more details i see. Amazing.

  4. Hans from Holland says:

    Great bike with great details!
    Built with love i see, wow that exhaust is awsome. But all details are fine, like the english style fuelcap to the lowered seatrails.
    Clever solution with the licenseplate bracket!

  5. bykerbrad says:

    I’m speechless, bike is absolutely ridiculously positively amazing. Like Hans said, exhaust is insane and side mount is perfect. Very, very nice bike man. Congrats and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  6. Where did you get those PIPES!!!….- WOW!!!…- and where did you get the gastank???…I love the way the tanks mounts all the way down on the frame…lol…- sort of like a gas tank is Supposed To…- I have NEVER found a sportster tank that fit that way…

  7. Brandon says:

    This bike is beautiful! Anyone have an idea on what front brake setup is used on this bike? I noticed a master cylinder relocated to the left side of the neck and was wondering if anyone knew how this is accomplished.

  8. baptiste says:

    i every one i am the biltder of xs650 brat the master is betwin the tank tonnel see other video on web thank you for your comment

  9. baptiste says:

    olso pipe home made u-bent at car part store two days weekend lot cutting disc gaz tank bottom redone + side insirt pan done and weld built in my brother place in quebec canada

  10. Baptiste….- Ahh!!!…- THAT EXPLAINS!!!….Such a perfect fit gastank!!!
    You Cut it yourself, – and your brother welded it…- You guys need to Market That Tank…- There is a Great Need For Them..
    And you Designed and Built the pipes in 2 days ???????….MAN YOU ARE GENIUS!!!!…..

  11. Pat Nice says:

    dear god and santa claus if my rozzie cul look like that. now im short kinda about 5.9 r the up top style to much i dnt do the drag bars so any adivce for bars man, you bike is amazing my chik is wet offa that wheeeeeeeeew

  12. tom says:

    mad bike, love the small details that really make the difference. Id love to know more about the brake system. Iv been building and rebuilding my bike for a while now and want to run my bars with as little on them as possible but running no front brake is illeagle here, so this solution is perfect, how does it work