Here is what I think is a pretty cool bike that I have built. What I started with was a 1980 Yamaha XS 650 Special. Then all the work began… A lot of work. I completely stripped the bike down to the bare frame, and did several frame modifications to accommodate the changes being made to the bike. Then it all got sand blasted at Alternative blasters & powder coated satin black at American powder coating in Auburn.

There is no paint on the bike…it is all powder coated. The engine on the bike was a great runner with only 4600 on the clock. I have replaced the stock carbs with a dual DellOrto set-up-coupled with the custom fabricated intake manifolds this set-up provides a vast improvement in throttle response, and pulling power. I used a 1970 Harley Sportster tank on this build, and I like the look it gives to the bike. The paint on the tank was in fantastic shape so I left it alone.

I custom made a license plate/tail light assembly with an L.E.D. Maltese Cross for this bike, and added additional brake lights in the frame ends for added visibility & safety. Additional L.E.D. lights were also added to illuminate the license plate itself.

A custom made rear fender & a shortened front fender were fabricated & used on this build as well. A custom made instrument housing mount was designed for the bike.


A custom made “8-Ball” dip stick was fabricated for this bike.
The front disc brake set-up is a Brembo racing unit with a much lighter & stronger disc than stock.
The swing-arm has new bronze bushings for a better fit & longer wear.
The often problematic wiring system on these bikes has been replaced with a wiring system that runs through the frame, and is a much simplified system with just a single fuse controlling the whole set-up.
It is simple set-up that is effective & out of sight.
There are a very few parts on the bike that ended up having to be painted…but they are quite minor parts to be sure.

There are almost too many new parts to list on this bike. But here’s a pretty accurate list:
•       New tires.
•       New brake shoes & pads.
•       New stainless steel brake lines.
•       New gaskets & seals.
•       New fluids.
•       New cables.
•       New filters.
•       New Bates style solo seat
•       New handle bars.
•       New grips.
•       New mirrors.
•       New foot pegs.
•       New headlight.
•       New L.E.D. taillight.
•       New black & chrome shocks.
•       New high output sealed battery.
•       New Speedometer & Tachometer.
•       New levers.





  1. Trey says:

    Wow maybe if you left the Harley badge on the tank it would be worth more…

  2. Trey says:

    Sorry dude that was rude. I just have a hard time with all the expensive xs650’s lately. Again I apologize for my rudeness.

  3. R.C says:

    I wont apologize. 4800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? wtf? I got slammed on hard over my chop and all I was asking for was a swap! or an offer.. and I know damn well mine is ahelva alot more “Custom” that that…..
    Prices like that are what is killing the term “custom”
    and will all the parts you list you dont mention the one single and yet simple BUT OH SO IMPORTANT thing? TAPERED HEAD STEM BEARINGS…. SORry but I dont buy into a 4000k+ xs knowing there are some real sweet rides out here that can be had for a song

  4. Trey says:

    R.C. Thanks i glad im not the only one feeling this way and im sure there others, speek up fella’s these arent Harley Davidsons.

  5. Bruce reed says:

    Why is powdercoating a selling point? It’s easy boring and cheap.

  6. Bruce reed says:

    I think the site should charge for .. for sale bikes so this doesn’t become ebay rather than a place for people to show off their homemade unique bikes. Nothing against selling stuff but it becomes really boring to see nothing but bike companies selling their stuff. We already have craigslist and sites like that to bore us.Having said that I will be selling a bike in a month or so so where do I send my 10 bucks?

  7. Ron says:

    I agree, this is nuts…. come on man.. really… you can look in the local paper and pick up a xs for dirt cheap, throw a grand at it and have twice the scooter… get real… this is really getting out of hand.. this thing needs a HD badge…..

  8. reynoldburton says:

    But at least it´s real fugly!

  9. Idaho chad says:

    to each their own I guess. but there is hardly anything custom about this. it just looks like a catalog order bike to me. with the time I have in my frame alone I could build 3 of these. well, if I had thousands to spend on parts…… sorry for the rant, but lets keep this a garage build site.

  10. Tim crash81 says:

    Woooow!! I didn’t know that posting your bike on here means you get your Ball’s Busted.. Come on guys I’ll agree with the stuff about trying to sell bike’s on this site but take a look on ebay and see what a plain 650 in good shape is going for. There’s one on there right now with a bid of 1000$,,very low mile’s but it’s been dumped and banged up. They ain’t cheap anymore fella’s. Dude,, nice bike and nice job.. Now just post it on ebay and we’ll all be happy.

  11. 58dub says:

    Over here in Australia its very rare that you will find a XS650 for under $4000 thats just for a stock bike. Well hope all works out for your sale, but personally i’ve seen some pretty wild chops on ebay going for less than your chasing. Cheers

  12. scott says:

    idiotic comments. you think this guy’s only got a grand in this bike?? whats the big deal w/ powdercoating? i won’t buy a $4k xs w/o tapered bearings. geez! beyond ridiculous. i don’t care for the “design” of this build but the guy obviously has a lot of attention to detail. i’m working on one myself right now and have over $4k in it. and that doesn’t include my own labor! i’d like to see one of your $2k xs customs. it’ll be a rusty xs w/ 30k miles and an old harley peanut tank strapped to it. guess i won’t read anymore comments on this site – just check out the pics.

  13. Would be sick if it was like 3.5-4″ lower front and rear

  14. rcknrllrog says:

    Seems to be a lot of attention towards this bike.
    The first one I’ll answer is the one regarding the ride height…I actually lowered the rear end and the front end of the bike a bit later after these photos were taken back in 2010 and the tank ended up being black…because that’s what the buyer wanted.
    I do believe the days of “dirt cheap” XS650’s is long since past. When I began building these bikes over ten years ago you could pick them up for only a couple hundred bucks then after you spent a solid month or so re-building everything and getting all the parts you need (including tapered steering bearings I might add) ALL of my bikes have tapered bearings and after posting numerous bikes on here I guess I just figured people would know that…my mistake, and I apologize to all for my oversight.
    In regards to the pricing on this bike…or anyone’s custom built bike for that matter those that cry foul because a builder sees fit to get a decent return on all of the work that is put into the project I can only speculate that they don’t place much value in their time and effort. I have to admit that I do.

    Yes you’re right…these bikes aren’t Harley Davidson’s and thank goodness for that because if they were they probably wouldn’t run worth a damn and they’d be big and clunky and ugly as all get out.

    Okay I’ve ranted…now I feel better.

  15. RJ from the ole school says:

    I’m a first time builder so I look at all these bikes to get inspiration ( stuff to copy ). I dont care what the owner wants for it,,,,,thats his business ,,,, the bike looks ok to me. I like the overall shape and even the tank color is different. Powder coating is cool but it drives the cost up,,,,so sand blast and paint,,,,,spend the $ on good ignition, decent tires and brakes and better than stock electrics….its no good to anyone if it wont keep running. I got lucky and found a basket case 80 for free,,,but missing parts runs up the cost quickly,,,,its not how much it costs but how much fun it was to build and ride,,,one mans trash is another mans treasure………….

  16. mookie says:

    tough crowd today…
    i see a lot of work gone into this bike-not to mention money spent on hard parts.
    according to some labor should be free and with some, well a LOT of the bikes i see on here there was no labor so yeah. point taken there…

    hey Roger.. is that a new exhaust?
    -didn’t see it listed in the parts.

    oh and from my armchair i’d like to thank you for NOT chopping the rear half of the bike off and sticking another damn hardtail on it!(i won’t do THAT again!!)