State funded


In this trying time’s it seems most of the folks I know and meet seem to be doing with less, and when this mental shift shows up on our scoots the people who profit from our passions are the states in which we reside.Of course I’am referring to safety devices on the machines of or passions and the inherent problems that arise as the more stuff that is needlessly attached to the fuel of are dreams, blinkers,rear mounted lights with plate illumination, horns and those pesky gages, what the hell!!
As I’am doing another build the setting this up on to the machine, which is sporting the front fender on the rear it looks like something out of are past, like a stock bike, this sucks ass!!
Then I wondered to myself, how often does this come up in are conversions when building the bitchin builds of are dreams?
As I walk out of the court house for the seconded time in a year for lighting issues, and was told by the judge hope I don’t see you again for even a burnt bulb, and how often does this happen on my ridged, so needless to say at this stage of my life {old} I really don’t want a increase in my insurance because of the prior statement I’am broke,then I get on my favorite sight xs 650 and look at the other builds and just cant help myself thinking, someone must be profiting from the lack of visible lighting or I’am I being singled out? I don’t think so!
So how does this manifest in some of the fellas lives or is this not a concern to the masses of knuckle draggin rubber burnin bad asses of my envy?


  1. Idaho Chad says:

    If I had a hardtail I would want it to look like yours! I love the stance and the pinstripping on the mags. Sweet story too. so sad but true. EFF THE MAN!! keep the rubber burnin and the pipes open!

  2. Bodhi says:

    Dude, your bike looks great but your politics suck.

    I do believe G&L did a limpdick taillight w/ turnsignals that turned out really nice. You could go that route.

    And the next time you rail against authority just remember that thirty some coal miners are dead due to relaxed safety violations and we’ve got an offshore oil rig pumping 30k gallons of crude into the gulf of Mexico every day.

    The rules are there for a reason.

    Nothing personal.

    but as the teabaggers like to think…its all the gubments fault.

  3. jeffy says:

    pretty good looking bike…have you ever seen a “bratstyle” bike though?…those guys have signals and gauges on most of their bikes, and they look dang good too…i’d say check them out, lose the thesaurus next time you do a write up and if its too hot to wear a flannel, try a t shirt instead…xs650chopper has some new ones 🙂

    with love, jeffy

  4. R.C says:

    I have seen this bike in person and its top shelf to be sure… simply stunning biuld…ken is a no B/S fella and talking to him as well as some of the local law enforcement ~directly next too to my place~ they have far to much lead-way when it comes to a chopper, to the point you CAN get pulled over for no more than a sideways mounted licence plate! WA D.O.T is somewhat unclear and they tend to leave it up to the discretion of the police on the road. I think ken is being profiled against due to the fact his bike is NOT some bolt on USA made machine it was not built by some meathead on tv for the most part the police here are ok people and have been very informative to me… I digress my bike is a rolling Christmas tree now I dont like it but if/when I get stopped there had better be a solid reason…..

    hows the new bike comeing along Ken?

  5. Ted says:

    @ jeffy- Thanks for the pluging the

    I bet your countie is short on funds and looking to boost revenue.

  6. kenb says:

    As far as my xs is concerned the limp dick has been modified with two sporty turn signal’s as well as the front,
    As far as politics are concerned I’am surprised there are any limp dick republicans reading anything to do with a bassass sight such as xs choppers , Bodhi. Have you built a bike, and if so I for one would like to see it, nothing personel, this happens to be a topic of a motorcycle thug whom like,s the challange of assembling many odd parts to achive something pleasing to my eye, and a 4″ tail light with 3″ of signals spaced 7″ apart really does nothing for me,when building a custom bike, personally, each to there own.
    Jeffy,as you may tell I,am a bit of a red neck I don,t even know how to use a thesaurus, just learned how to type, I guess as far as the flannel is concerned I just got out of my long johns and your telling me to lose my bestest flannel? I would freeze, being the cold blooded speed freak I’am. Alright I just like my flannel it,s more to do with being older and arthritic, I like to be warm, and yes I do take medication I let that be up to the reader to figure out,, hell I think my dose might be off?
    R.C. whats up r ya working? I,ve thought about you and the scooter and hope to see it soon, I have done some more mods to this bike mosty elecrical, and I building a streetable speedway bike, well inspired and it is getting close, the hang up is the rear lighting and mounting all the lighting, plate and signals up and not be hanging out and look bulkey it,s coming along, my next ride is a short,narrow, and low single, should be sporting it around soon. Be well to all, remmeber it,s a conversation not a belief in rightness.

  7. berto says:

    Hey bro nice bike! Very clean and good lines. As far as the random political ranting from everyone responding to the poster for being tired of being ticketed for vehicle code violations…how does that equate to “teabaggers” and off shore oil rigs? And kenb your criticizing Bodhi when he’s just as much of a pro regulation pinko as yourself. Stay on topic…which is that the bike is bada$$ and i’d be tired of getting ticketed too.

  8. R.C says:

    Ken, the scoot is totaly kickin ass, Bruce Reed is picking it up wed so if your gonna see it see it tuesday, he gona weld up a few things I need done and make a new seat pan for me…..contemp0lating a big single road beater myself.

    dropme a call sometime

  9. Bodhi says:

    one other note

    the pro-reg pinko line was pretty funny but the thesaurus remark really cracked me up.

    I’m still laughing……

  10. kenb says:

    Yea me to, pro reg pinko it,s all on the topic of life, just remmeber sometime,s the lunatic is the one crusafied, ps still smilin!! Be well to all!! Bento what is that, I suppose I was not very clear in the posting, I fixed the bike one ticket no charges $$$ I’am wondering if others have experinced enter actions with the courts because of plate location, illumination, and the like, as I look at the hardtails on the sight often I see side mounted plates with small running lights and in the state of Oergon as I have been told this is a ticket getter because it is not visable from both sides, and hand signals are only good on bike that pre date turn signal laws that where passed in 1973 so is anyone but me expericing run ins with the court???
    And how does this influince your bike building? Ken

  11. WhiteMan says:

    KenB. Awesome scoot brother. I’m goin for the same look with my 78′. Up’ere on the east coasta canada we don’t have none too many run ins with the law.They keeps to minding their bidness cuz they know they’re fighting a losing battle. Lightin is minimal,fenders are optional, and mufflers just don’t get included. KenB and all other true motorheads..Keep on rockin in the free world! as for Bodhi.. We’ve eard enough of your sass b’wah.

  12. Bodhi says:

    Well WM I’d say to give up the psuedo Neil Young Horsesh%t as the guy is in his sixties and all the hippies are now on Wallstreet. Thats where the real outlaws are. Gangsta biker thugs are just the flavor of the month.

    Now as a rebuttal to Kens small aversion to “rule of law”.. helmet laws make for a better case than dead coal miners and is more on topic but apparently WM has already proven my point. Its your right to lie comatose in a hospital bed with drool running out of your mouth as long as you insure that i as a taxpayer don’t have to pay for it. Its a free country ken so rant all you want.

    I was going to play nice but the conversation took an unexpected turn. So back to playing nice….

    As requested here’s some pics of my chops

    you can’t see it in the pics but I linked the signals for both front and back that I used forthese builds;jsessionid=EADBA0037042347C5B024449201D990B.qscstrfrnt04

    now WM wheres the pics of your bike ???? Put up or shut up Dude

  13. R.C says:

    Bodhi, I clicked on those links, was wondering abt the turnsignals: do they come in black or brass finish?……

    The taillight rule ad I understand it here is 3 square inches ~lens surface~

    I wasnt given a set guideline on turn signals but it was said no less than 7.5 from center of headlight in front. not clear and I dont understand the rear guidelines…….
    A sideways mounted plate can be cause to be pulled over!, as an axle mounted plate could also be cause to be pulled over…. D.O.T certified stuff IS EXPECTED! hence the reason I am useing as much of the factory XS stuff I can make work…….

    I dont quite understand how the giant assed chopps ~h-d’s~ and such can get away with some of the lighting they are useing, my scooter is no way as nice as kens is and damn sure wont be as quiet!… personaly I think he has been profiled since his bike is not some bolted together tv made looking machine

    And now they are pulling over most all that have/wear a pudding bowl helmet

    the region Ken is talking abt is a subburb of Portland Oregon along Hwy 84

    My rolli8ng christmas tree:

  14. kenb says:

    Bohdi the {rant} is from my understanding is more like a quistion, how often does lighting, plate placement and the state laws come up in conversation when building YOUR bike, if I felt like i was in the right I would have not fixed the bike or the trailer, trailer being the second ticket which Bohdi was justafied, just my carelessness…
    So thank you for your input of your scooters I saw the turns up front, are they the small bullet leds?? Yea I asked the officer about those also, his remark was if I see them I will pull you over.. I had small bullets plate type on the bike at the time i was pulled over and he said NO WAY!!! Those are blinkers. And once the ticket is issued, you are in the system. and ether pay up or repair and take the none moving violation, which is a single hash mark on a good driving record, then the trailer well this was my poor choice just didn’t think, hash mark number 2. 2 more I get a increase in insurace then the comment from the judge about He hopes not to see me even for a burt bulb was a little concerning, so as I build this second bike the law come up in conversation in are shop PCP cycles and how can it look good and not get the fix it tickets. I hope this brings some clarity, yea most of the time when riding my chop I have a 3/4 helment metal flake red Fulmer, As I have stateted be for I hope this to be a conversation not a exersize in my rightness!! Be Well To All!!!

  15. Bodhi says:

    Well RC , that has got to be the most complex fuel tank I have yet to see on any of these xs’s however you are right, your signals look like they came off of a taxi. I’m starting to see ken’s point of view and I feel your pain.

    As far as specs go, i don’t live in OR. (VA) and doubt any law enforcement officer anywhere would off hand know the stuff you just ran past me. but i could be wrong…..

    That being said, I just asked the local garage guy who also does inspections and happens to own his own home built stretched out chop $$$$ and he gave me a little heads up on state requirements.

    now The front signals i linked are 9″ apart and only come in billet (alum) but there is always powdercoat. The sequential maltese turn/taillight is 4″ square. and these guys are the only folks in the country to offer this item.

    I could CNC any and all of these items in any and all materials from 303 stainless ( my bike) to 6061 alum ( also on my bike) to brass or bronze but unless its a production run its hardly worth the trouble. Gee I wish I were a shop owner but I’m not. I’m just a hired hand who gets a few perks from the boss. He thinks its a better deal than giving up more for health insurance. Besides I can work some extra hours making a few aircraft parts and then pay TC Bros to hammer out the details on a rigid frame.

    The American entrepreneurial dream is still alive and well but you’ve got to stick you neck way out to get anywhere… in the mean time I’ll build a few budget bikes just to keep myself occupied. That and a beer or two on friday is almost all i need…….

  16. Bodhi says:

    and ken, you could just keep a copy of the state regs in your pocket so that the next time there is an issue with state law, you then could produce said copy and get the “man” up to speed . Police officers aren’t rocket surgeons, they just get to wear sunglasses and carry guns on the job.

  17. Bodhi says:

    Amen brotha