Write about your XS650.: My bike is a 76 650. I owned this bike in all its stock glory about ten years ago. I sold it to my brother in law who rode it often. But he lost interest in it after awhile and just let it sit outside. Fast forward eight years. I had just sold my motorcycle and was visiting him and my sister one weekend, when I ask him what he was gonna do with the bike. He replied give it to you if you want it. I readily agreed and we loaded it in my truck right then.


I brought it home and a few days later got it running. I never really like the looks of old Japanese bikes so I started taking it apart to build kinda of a cafe racer deal out of it. When I decided I’d rather have a bobber. So after alot of cutting and welding here is the finished product. I robbed parts from just about everything from dirt bikes to volkswagens. All said and done I ended up with a cool little bike I can ride anywhere for less than fifty bucks.


Scott Slade

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xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
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