Here is something new we are doing for some customers. KIT BIKES We do all the welding and fab work and you get a almost complete bike that has a running motor and alot of new parts for $2800.00 You break the bike back down paint it and finish up the wiring put some fresh rubber on bike and you got yourself a nice chop.


We are expanding our shop and making alot of new parts not just for XS650 but other bikes too.I have hired a first class HARLEY Mechanic and my old Japanese Mechanic and FAB guy back . With new people and more talent we can build better quality bikes for sale.


Alot of guys want to build there own bikes but don’t have the equipment to do it so we are going to make it easy for you to do it.So they can build one like the orange bike fo much less money.
Rich Grant


  1. REEB! says:

    Why have a Fabricator if its a TC parts? How is building a bike painting it and putting tires on it.?

  2. intelonetow says:

    Rich, it’s commendable what your doing man. Keep at it. Some folks don’t have the means to do all the fab work. Those people can really benefit from the “kit bikes” you sell. Some people do have the means to do the fab work and won’t use the service. Great for them. Keep doing what your doin.

  3. Blackwidow says:

    Thats a good idea for some guys who don’t know how to weld or don’t have the equipment

  4. Hello Rich, this is Hotrod, I’ve Bought a frame from you, 78 uncut and all original. That bike is for the “Old Lady” and she loves it. You keep up the awsome work and keep people happy! We all Love you for it! Some people don’t have the space or the talent to build a bike. We all have to start somewhere, right? Hotrod………… Peace and ride free…………..

  5. Hello Rich, it’s me again. I have something to say about the comment April 7,2010. 12:21 with no name!!!!!!!!!!! As far as I can see it he can go F##K himself……………….!

  6. chevy53 says:

    damn that is a good idea for people that dont know how to fabricate or dont have the time.

  7. Robert says:

    How can i get one of Daddygcycles xs650 bike kits?

  8. Ron says:

    The site don’t exist anymore and I want to do thIs

  9. dont trust rich says:

    Please save your money and do not trust this guy and his bikes are horrible… i can show you pics of his bikes with broken welds and doesnt refund anything and will laugh about it, a true scam artist go on and read up on the people he promised bikes and took there full amount of money and promised them there bikes in weeks and simply did no work and will say 2 weeks and 2 weeks, beware buyers of the scam artist of Tri-state area and save your money.. you have been warned .. take care