My first bobber update


I posted the pics of this bike a while back in stock form. Heres a list of mods since then: chopped the tail off and added a TC bros.


hardtail, mounted the original rear fender using the original mounting points and rubber bushings, bent the rear flange down on the original tank and welded a nut behind it to bolt it down and stripped all the paint off, fitted the rear rack that my friend gave me (its off of the old harley in the corner of one of these pics) it came with the custom pad that snaps to it, re-used the original foot controls but re-oriented them on the tc bros.



frame, added drag bars and grips from mikes, rear fender braces, and painted a few things. I’ve been trying to re-use as much as possible to keep the cost down and keep it simple so theres not really a whole lot of super trick one-off custom parts.



  1. Kyle says:

    Comments? likes? dislikes? constructive criticism? anyone? opinions?.. I know you have one 🙂 I’m trying to see where the impartial world stands on this thing.

  2. Rob says:

    I dig it. It’s nice to see someone using the stock tank… nothing wrong with holding nearly twice the fuel of a sporty 2.2 😉

  3. AJ says:

    looks good. dont know how much you know about body work or paint but if its your first go around with tring to shave the emblems from the tank were not easy. i just did mine last week and words of advice patience lots of patience.

  4. sean from boston says:

    this bike looks good so far wish I could see some updated pictures, I do enjoy when people use the stock tank it looks good when done right, hopefully this came out the way you wanted it to!