Looking like a motorcycle again


Write about your XS650.: Finally the blue bike is looking like a bike again. Still have to build a rear fender,paint the front fender and build a brake lever…. and some other stuff too.





  1. Blackwidow says:

    Nice frame

  2. jeff says:

    yea no doubt that frame rocks

  3. Bruce reed says:

    built it myself. if you know anybody that wants one let me know.

  4. Bruce reed says:

    If you like that check out http://www.evilempirestudio.blogspot.com for pictures of the schwinn bike I’m making. I sent pics to this site but I suppose they think it might not be an xs……. it really is/was.

  5. R.C says:

    FLOWERS! the “NEW FLAMES!” . Rust- THe NEW CHROME!.. keep it going bro looking good to be sure.

  6. kenb says:

    Where at in oregon are ya anyway stay clear of Rockwood Gresham Area boy in blue has a hard on for choppas, and that frame, sweet and whats going on with the tank, flames or flowers???
    It looks great on this 15″ screen hope to see it in person sometime I live in Hockinson Wa but do alot of tramping around the metro area and I for one would really like to lay eyeballs on it, Later Ken

  7. Bruce reed says:

    Flowers. East l.a. style with a mellower color

  8. Bruce reed says:

    I’m don in bend and they don’t seem to be too sticky on the bikes

  9. Pat Nice says: