Idaho Chad’s Brattrackerbobberwhatevers….


Write about your XS650.: Well, I was gonna hold out on posting my ride until she was done, but there has been quite a few peeps hating on bratstyle bikes, so maybe I can shut them down a little bit..hahah!!! I am a big fan of Ardcore’s “Flying W” and Double M’s recent brat, so I wanted to incorporate a bit of both into my bike.

She started out as a bone stock 81 XS650 special that I picked up running for $300.00. After a couple nights of stripping the bike and throwing stuff away I had it down to the bare frame. I shaved everything and I cut the back half of the bike off and welded up a new subframe and shock mounts. I went with Honda XR50 shocks out back. They are 10″ eye to eye and very functional and cheap too!

I lowered the front forks 2 1/2″ (thanks mulligan machine!) and I pulled another inch of fork through the triple trees to achive the stance I was after. I mounted the repro sporty tank with skateboard kingpins and bushings and fabbed up the mounts for the solo seat.


I fabbed a set of Pro Taper oversize triple clamps from a YZ450F to mount to the stock yamaha XS triple trees, and mounted the Pro Taper Evo bars. The rear fender is just on there for looks, I will be running a 5.5″ wide rear fender which should be here any day. I currently have the Stock Bore motor torn down for painting and I am replacing all the seals and giving her some new pistons and rings for reliability.
I am hoping to have her done by the end of May. Its a weekend warrior project as I work all over the country which really limits the time I can put into it. I have built it using simple tools and a Hobart 135 welder. Money wise, I’m into it for about $600.00 so far and plan on spending no more than $1100.00 total on the bike. This is a true garage build and I have done everything myself. The only thing I’ll have to send it out for will be sandblasting..
The next post you’ll see will be the finished product. Love it or hate it, I dont care. I love haters:) Special thanks for the wealth of information and Lowbrow Customs for the killer service!

Keep up the good work and the rubber down!!

Idaho Chad


  1. rM says:

    Honestly so far I love it. This is exactly the track I want to take with my first build. I am hoping to be able to find a runner for under a grand and preferably the cheaper the better.

    Would be my first bike and I don’t know too much about them, but aesthetically I know exactly what I want to have.

  2. Mom says:

    Because you are my son, its the best bike I ever saw. Don’t tell Dad.
    He had some cool bikes too

  3. Shawn says:

    Currently losing interest in my streettracker, but growing more fond of the bobber look. Your bike has the perfect look I am diggin’ right now. Would love to see more progress. Keep it up, looks good!

  4. Idaho Chad says:

    Thanks! rM keep your eyes on craigslist man. sometimes they get posted under xs 650 instead of xs650. thats how i found mine so cheap. the guy had it up there for 2 months and couldnt figure out why he hadn’t sold it yet…

  5. kenb says:

    I like the rubber othe the back, and woow that should be one loww ass scoota, yea I like some of the brat styles and might even build one some day there is soooo much I lay awake in bed at night thinking drafting up new ideas for bikes, but it comes down to $$$ and time and I running short on both, really hope to see your fueled passion come to life in May, keep us posted, Later, Ken

  6. Idaho Chad says:

    thanks kenb. shes layin pretty low, 3″ off the ground after sag. but all in all, its about what you can do yourself for next to nothing. my goal is to have a sick looking ride for peanuts. i buy things on a weekly basis instead of all at once. spend a couple grand in a day and it hurts, spread it over 3 months and it aint that bad;)

  7. P_Dub_S says:

    Wasup Chad it’s Paul, bikes coming along nice have you seen the latest pics of your brothers ride?

  8. Idaho Chad says:

    yo wog. yeah his bike is lookin sick. he’s too damn lazy to post it up here but he should..

  9. R.C says:

    kick ass!…. love it, and thanks for the info abt the shock. very nice for my next build

  10. Idaho chad says:


  11. HEY!!!!!!….DAMN!!!!….I have seen these frames cut all kind of ways…- But this is NEW TO ME !!!I deffinately LIKE WHAT I AM SEEING!!!
    I have seven 650 frames in my shop…- The next one I cut is gonna be done YOUR WAY….- That is COOL AS HELL!!!!…- I LIKE YER BIKE !!!!!

  12. Idaho chad says:

    Thanks Harry. It’s super simple man. pulled it off with a hole saw and a couple of C clamps. Thanks again for the props!!

  13. norm younger says:

    any pics of the completed project?

  14. Idaho Chad says:

    been puttin lots of miles on her and I finally got some decent pics, will post up the finished bike asap.

  15. DENNI$ says:

    on post titled “79 XS, my new love” ,

    Idaho Chad said:
    and Bern, your dead on regarding the wheels. I have them on my 83. Lacing my hubs up to a 18″/21″ combo though;)

    DENNI$ said: Idaho – would you like to part with the 16″ rear wheel? contact me at

  16. idaho chad says:

    The rear rim is junk Dennis sorry. It came to me without a tire on it, so yeah, couple of flatspots…

  17. DENNI$ says:

    idaho – too bad about that rim – thanks for the update.