Geisha Girl


I started 3 years ago with a trailer load of parts and a vision. After major back surgery this was my therapy.



Thanks to Mikes’ XS and 650 Central for parts and tech help, oh and old street signs for the aluminum fabbed parts. New pistons and rings, bearings all around, carbs and pipes from 650 Central, paint from Rod’s Paint and Metal.



Grant Pierson


  1. Carbon-arc says:


  2. 58dub says:

    very nice, looks like your therapy went well

  3. YEP says:

    I really like those bars

  4. salomy says:

    i like the bike. i am running the same carbs on my xs and am having trouble jetting them right. i was wondering how you have done yours?

  5. fanoboss says:

    I want TO RIDE THIS BIKE !

  6. norm younger says:

    Great tail section on this bike.