first one’s not even done


Write about your XS650.: I haven’t even finished with the first one and I started number 2. Going in a crazy direction cuz why not.



Tank will be under the seat to keep it looking like a schwinn and I might keep the little girls bars.,.,. modified of course. The blue bike I am keeping for myself but the schwinn I will sell to fund starting another chop.

evilempire studio


  1. R.C says:

    and a 3rd to get started on soon!.. single downtube-monoshock.????…… looking huge rad bro.. and yea it takes big balls to post a pic with pink handlebars.

    Tellinya folks this guy is da man in oregon/washington for your fab needs.

  2. REEB says:

    i like the second bike keep it posted! lets see some more pics of the frame that i assuming you made your self?

  3. j says:

    he built a frame for me that was awesome. Sent him my neck and backbone and he sent back a one off frame.

  4. R.C says:

    at sompoint this summer it would be huge rad to get as many evil empire scoots together and shoot some picshe didnt do the frame I am running but he did my tank. and will be doing my brat-style

  5. bykerbrad says:

    Frame looks great, but please don’t use those bars. What about a set of narrow mini apes to follow the schwinn bmx look?

  6. Bruce reed says:

    Im not going to use those bars. I am going to buils a pair that have the same kind of look but lower and wider. Maybe not pink. Had to have something on to push it around in the shop.

  7. kinghaus says:

    how much you want for the drop seat

  8. Bruce reed says:

    Got way busy so the whole deal is for sale for 1200 as is runs has all the bits just needs somebody to love it and finish it off

  9. norm younger says:

    awesome frame.