Write about your XS650.: This project was based on a $450 Craigslist special. It sat for many years in a shed so it had some nice items to part out (also had mouse nest in airbox, complete with birdseed). The tank, stock Dunlops and mint seat fetched almost as much as the original purchase price. The reason I dubbed it CL SPECIAL is that everything on it was bought or sold on CL on the cheap. The carbs, 2 into 1 header and other engine parts were bought from Michael @ 650Central. He is very helpful and his prices are great (so is tech support)

The tank is hand made aluminum from Fat Catz. I found it brand new on CL from a guy that bought it for his wife’s bike years ago and never used it. The seat is chrome plated and it’s off of a 1950 Excercycle. It’s suspended by an air adjustable Rock Shox taken from a trashed mountain bike. The wheels are stock mags that were powder coated red. The frame is stock but it was hardtailed by Eric Barnett @ Choppin Steel.

Eric Willis @ HillBilly Garage did a ton of work. The main items are the forward controls, which are entirely made from scratch. The electricals are stashed in the mini beer keg. The kicker pedal is a solid brass and it came from a knife made in Afghanistan. Currently looking for a used springer front end to complete the project.

Brian Graham


  1. Erndog says:

    Nice back man, Looks great. Currently looking for my own CL special..Hopefully ill have a successful story of my own to post as well.

  2. Blackwidow says:

    Killer bike I like it

  3. R.C says:

    I digg it. the seat is killer looking

  4. RawDawg says:

    That snitz is the bomb. Looks like alot of work and thoughts went into that. How loud is it with those straight pipes?

  5. the nevermind... says:

    wonderful job… love all the crome…