bullet’s G.I. bike


Write about your XS650.: my 81 xs. Instead of flappin my gums about me and my bike: let me tell ya what its all about. Its about the friends you have and the knowledge that you gain. Without these people, this bike would be NON-OP. First, thanks to JRYAN”the lord of the TIGS” for the welds and countless, “why is my bike makin this sound” calls. to 650 garage and the great Pamco Pete for ignition, the field-expedient REG/REC unit, council, and trouble shooting.





The GALE family for the blasts. Gary,George, and Cory at the G SPOT for the machining.Gino for the mount and balance. The Clarke family for the cuts. Metal Supermarkets for the drops and bits. TC Bros for the tail and customer service. Doug for bender access. AND to my lovely lady LIZ who didn’t box my ears every time i had to work on this bike….(she thinks its cursed).  love and respect to you all!!!!!!!



  1. Toad says:

    That’s a bad-ass bike, Bullet! Lets go ride!

  2. carligula says:

    Nice work, bro. I have a feeling you’re going to be getting a lot of comments and probably plenty of offers on this one. Don’t give in, though. Hold on to this one!

  3. shasta says:

    I fell in love with this bike as soon as i seen it. You can tell that a lot of love went into it. I feeling a bit moist. Can I ride?!

  4. chevy53 says:

    bike looks good, but that seat does not look comfortable.

  5. Dmali says:

    Omg this bike rock

  6. john says:

    Nice scoot. Very nice write-up. You sound like a young man who is wise beyond his years. Well done, sir.