50gary Custom XS 650 Yamaha


Loud pipes do save lives.

Why just today I received a letter from the Mayor for saving a Mother and two small children just by riding through their neighborhood. Last week I saved an older gentleman in his 70’s and all I had to do was rev the XS 650 a bit and he stopped having a heart attack and jogged home.


Tomorrow I plan on riding slowly past a convalescent home to see how many cast off their crutches and such. On this past Halloween I raced past the local cemetery but I didn’t raise any of the dead, so my powers are limited.



If this trend keeps on I’ll take the XS 650 to Washington and demonstrate the healing powers to ‘bama and maybe he’ll lay off this national healthcare thing? I could save him upwards of a Trillion dollars and maybe he’d pop for a new paint job for the XS?

Cheers, 50gary


  1. keith montgomery says:

    that is a fine machine sir. nice work.

  2. tadd442 says:

    I am ALL for saving a trazillion dollars…but lets be real here….the paint looks fine!

  3. 50gary says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. I did all the work on this bike, it has an R6 front end complete set at 24 degrees. Rear end is a modified FZR600 with a Susuki Bandit/SV/Katana wheel. I make the shock linkage mounts and it ride like a dream. Weight is onle 340# Kick start only. Rear brake is my work with a “thumb Brake” caliper and hanger are also Suzuki. 520 sprocket and chain offset counter sprocket and narrowed rear sprocket carrier to get the 4.5 wheel to align with the counter sprocket and still clear the tire and frame. Plus much more. I’m now working on a cafe CX500 Honder.
    Cheers, 50gary

  4. JonathonD says:

    Very cool bike I really like that exhaust, where did you get it

  5. bykerbrad says:

    Very cool bike, gotta keep looking, lots of cool stuff going on. I really dig the shift linkage.

  6. 50gary says:

    Jonathon D. I built the exhaust along with everythng else. The frame is mostly new except for the section of the rear and lower motor mounts and the ‘ugly plates’ I made up the shift linkage from used R1 foot controls. You may notice there is no rear foot brake, that’s so I could still use the kick start lever with the foot pegs moved to the rear but not full rear-sets. The peg folds up to kick start then down to ride.
    Cheers, 50gary

  7. jesus says:

    you have too much free time or too much coke!

  8. mookie says:

    rear brake “remedy”-
    i used a proportional valve from a Venture Royale 1300 to link the brakes.works very well.(just don’t route the brake line near the cylinder head!)

  9. 50gary says:

    I decided to use the ‘thumb’ brake solution because 5X World Champion Mick Doohan (team) came up withthe idea after he crashed and had to have his right ankle fused so he couldn’t brake effectively. I bought a used M/C mounted it backwards between the handlebar clamps, cut the lever off short then T.I.G. welded a ‘paddle’ on in place of the lever to replicate the pro version and ran the S/S brake line to the rear caliper viola! Saved about $300.00 from the pro version. BTW it works quite well. It’s just fun to do things like this anyway. No one ever notices the motor mounts I made new ones and saved about 10# total from the OEM mounts. Made the side stand and ditched the center stand reduced weight by another 7.5# everything adds up. The rear sub- frame is my work as all the frame mods 065 wall chrome moly. The tail light an SV650 Suzuki the seat is moulded to fit the contour of the taillight. The under side of the seat (started out as a Hotwing TT500) is modified to fit the width of the XS650 frame vacuum bagged carbon fiber. The taillight is mounted to the sub-frame so I can remove the seat quickly.
    Cheers, 50gary

  10. mookie says:

    it is a fine unit.if you don’t mind i may steal/borrow a few ideas for my next XS-ission from you.

  11. 50gary says:

    Sure, a few guys have done that already. I think that’s part of the deal folks share ideas. BTW, for the record I figured this out by my lonesome it was the first Bike I ever built. Half the fun for me is to figure out how to do things on the cheap and still get good results. The hot rodder credo is always build it yourself if you can. The tank is from an RD400 but to make is fit the frame I had to cut the bottom out and make/weld in a new nunnel and petcock mount. On top of the tank I cut a 4″ x 5″ retangle with a round hole for the Race car (late model type fuel cell) flush mount gas cap. Inside the tank is anti-slosh foam also from a late model race car. I don’t know why other guys do do that?
    Cheers, 50gary

  12. paul says:

    with all that being said and no video so we can hear how badass it sounds……. :-/