21 is for sale!


Write about your XS650.:
Just letting you know that 21 is for sale!



Thanks again for the great site!



  1. rM says:

    Very nice, if I had the cheese right now I would probably jump on this.

  2. tapp says:

    hey justin- drop me a line-


  3. tapp says:

    SOLD he said.

  4. Ryan says:

    How long are those rear shocks? and where did you get them?

  5. This is such a Damn Neat Bike…

  6. Thompson13x says:

    Justin, I was wanting to know if you had a website or other pics of this build or stats that you could share. I am looking to hack my own 650 in to the bobber style springer rear and really like the look of your bike as it looks as though you didnt go to wild on the rear mod, as I am not much of a welder myself and don’t want to have to get involved with all that on my first build. Let me know what you got or where I can see more… Thanks!!!

  7. chris says:

    i like this bike. My flavor as of right now. Are those stock rims? does anybody know what there off of? Also whats the travel like in the front. i have the rebel shocks in the rear and i’d like to shorten the front to match. in the mean time i’ve just dropped them in the tree’s. Anyways..,Super clean, Slick looking Sled. looks like it would tear the hell out of those back roads!!
    P.s can somebody shed some light on the absence of electrical???

  8. Harry Carmony says:

    Chris…- I am with you, – this is just ONE REALLY NEAT BIKE!!!!
    The “Absense of Electrical” is for certain as cool looking as it gets…- you can get more information on the electrical system conversion from BigJimmy’s post of his bike “NIGHT RIDER, KITCHEN-BUILD….”
    As to the rear rim size, – I am going to bet by the looks and by the number on the gastank that that is a 21″ rim…- if you go to your right, look under “Catagories” and click on “Fong Bros” – I think Dennis Fong has posted instructions on how to lace a 21″ rim onto your XS hub…..
    Converting an electrical system and lacing a wheel are far from beginner projects tho, – but you could have a hell of a neat bike from this concept, staying with a stock electrical and stock rim…- and by time you get it to that point you will have had plenty of time to study on wheel lacing, – and Magneto-Conversion…..
    How to shorten Fork Springs is posted on here somewhere also….
    -Again tho…- Aint no easy Trick….- if you just want to see how you like it, – you can use a double upper tripple-plate to bolt your bars to, and drop your forks all you want to….
    Basically – This guy sure makes it look easy, – But he is DEFFINATELY a MASTER OF THE ART….- altho he doest seem too proned to answering his Fan-Mail…- oh well…- Guess he is too busy Buildin Em to Talk about Em…..
    Hope my feedback has not been too annoying, – but it was all to say…- Man I agree with you…- This is a SUPER NEAT BIKE!!!!!

  9. justin says:

    Yes, those are not stock wheels, both front and rear are 21’s. The ignition is a pamco, reliable and simple (3wires). I kept the stock charging system, but I used a smaller battery and put it behind the motor where the starter went. Just a head light and taillight otherwise. This was super fun to ride…I wish I didn’t sell it! Sorry for the delayed response…I forget to look back and answer questions!

  10. Gary says:

    How much did you sell this for? I am starting my search for one.

  11. scott says:

    hey ted did u go kick only? even then you’d have to run a small battery right? where is it? i love the bike! one of my favorites on here. mind if i ask what u sold it for??

  12. Barney says:

    Nice bike, i like the headlight.

  13. norm younger says:

    great little bike.cool headlight.

  14. jeffrey says:

    Sweet bike…im interested!

  15. Bill says:

    i would like to purchase bike. drop me a line to let me know whats going on with the bike.

  16. chris says:

    Very interested, still available?

  17. Justin says:

    Sorry guys. Bike’s long gone!