1980 Mild Bratty Bob


This is a 1980 XS650. It has forward controls to make for a little more legroom. The Exhaust as been re-routed to come out single side. You would think it would be hard to tune, but it starts and runs great. The pod filters are actually for a cb750, but they work. The seat pan was made from an old stop sign and then covered with automotive foam and crocodile skin vinyl.



The bars are mounted on 7 or 8 inch risers. Future plans include 12″ baby apes, white wall tires, white grips, and perhaps a re-done battery box in a faux oil bag.  The paint is rattle can copper stripes under satin black. Its motor has an unknown # of miles, but has definitely been apart for rings at one time or another. Definitely a fun bike and my 1st road bike!



  1. Well there is a lot that you have done on this bike, – and there is a lot to like about it…- How strange there are zero comments…
    …..I have looked at this Posting a number of times…- but I never felt like commenting, – maybe it somehow has a way of leaving little left to say ….(?????)
    ….I dont know, – But I know I like the bike…-I deffinately like the way you have done the pipes….DAMN they look good….
    …..Otherwise I like the bike generally and altogether…- so…- How wierd no one has commented…(?????)….
    But anyway, – congrats on the build…- it is quite a good one….
    And I have no idea why it is so quiet in here…lol…

  2. Pat Nice says:

    im not 6ft tll how are the bars on that i hate drag bars and want any input on style of bars….? please help lol. sooo schweet

  3. norm younger says:

    How about some short apes.