1971 Yamaha XS XS650


Extremely rare 1971 Yamaha XS650.

On Ebay, “1971 was the first generation of this iconic bike, and it quickly became known in it’s day as “The Triumph without the trouble”. It was made painstakingly similar to the bonneville in aesthetics and overall design, but much more reliable, the lack of which is what ultimately led to the demise of the British motorcycle industry, but I digress!


This meticulously well kept beauty has only 10,000 miles on it.

It was fully rebuilt from the ground up, mocked up with an original Dunstall fairing, Dunstall pipes, Tomaselli clip ons, custom rear sets.. this bike has it all, and it is fast as hell. The frame was sandblasted and painted, all aluminum polished, wheels have new spokes, there is not a single bolt that was bypassed in the building of this machine… too much to list.


You will go to vintage meet ups with the most elite bikes and you will still steal the crowd, not to mention that performance-wise this thing will lay waste to those CB750’s and Triumph’s. Especially through the canyons” On Ebay.


  1. REEB! says:

    That’s a sweet rig

  2. Trey says:

    Wow here we go again with another over priced xs650:( Again these are not Harley Davison, Ducati, or even Triumphs. Fella’s these are not expensive bikes and when you buy one dont buy into the its rare crap.

  3. Puker says:

    Yeah, I guess for a bike to really be valuable it has to piss oil all over your driveway. Sweet build!

  4. Trey says:

    Both my XS’s piss oil on my garage floor. Just saying its gettin deep.
    $7999 ouuch.

  5. Lostsoul says:

    Its kinda like a three legged, blind dog named lucky…Its interesting but to much like a crotch rocket for my taste

  6. Fong Bros says:

    I think it is amazing. Expensive, but amazing. If I had any idea where to get some of those pieces, I’d build one like it.

  7. Jordan says:

    Good God Damn that’s beautiful! The XS650 catch phrase I like is, “The best bike the British never built”.

  8. Trey says:

    Guys dont get me wrong, I love xs650’s but everyone keeps jackin the price up on these bikes and the great pride of building a cool inexpensive bike is going bye bye.

    @Puker I would rather build an xs650 anyday than a unreliable Harley and those guys think that stuff is worth gold. I just dont want this xs stuff to go that way. Sorry if I offended anyone.

  9. JonathonD says:

    I wouldn’t ever think of buying this bike for that kind of coin buy I think it’s a super cool bike, very clean and I’ve never seen one like it, very nice ride

  10. Billybobba says:

    Well fellas, try buying that in Aussie, you’d be up for at least 10 G’S, It would be cheaper for me to fly over,ride it across the country and ship it back , than to buy it here.
    You fellas live in a fools paradise when it comes to pricing on bikes etc .
    But you can stick that snow stuff and freezing temperatures that you all seem to have where the sun don’t shine.

  11. Moto says:

    Too bad these bikes don’t pull the big bucks. I built a few and took a big loss. I wanted to do this as a side gig and make a few $ to pay for my time and tools but it is a no go. As one seller told me when I called to ask abouit the items he had for sale “you XS guys are the cheapest ^%#*@ I know”

    I guess he is right in ways but the reason is most XS owners are looking to do thier own work and need to watch the bill. I built some CB750s and turned them over for a gain but the XS builds are dead ends at the bank. I still love them though. Don’t know why? They are not fast, don’t handle great, vibrate, sound so so, and ar ehard to sell for a decent price. The parts availablity, simple design and only 2 holes to maintain give it a plus.

    Good luck getting $4000 for a bike like this. It is very cool but one can be built for less then what he wants and be in better condition too.

  12. MARLON BUENO says:

    Congratulations on the bike, I also have a 1971 and are the most, the most desirable, that my pen is not unique, the site seeks Joan of Arc 1971