Still Sprung


I caught the bug for riding all things 2 wheeled as a kid and I finally got around to building one up.  Here is my first build, a 1980 650G.  It started as a complete, running, stock bike.  I quickly started removing unnecessary bits.  Soon the entire wiring was out and replaced with a minimalistic system including a mini battery, all hidden under the seat.  



In the back, I cut off the rear hoop, shortened the rear shocks, added a tail light from an FZR1 with integrated signals and a small fender.  I used a sporty tank to give it a narrow feel.  Up front a shaved the forks and lowered the front. I replaced the front master cylinder with one from a dirt bike and got rid of everything on the bars I didn’t need.  Its a blast to ride.  As always, its a work in progress, and could look different next month.





  1. Kevin says:

    I have a 400 XS. I sold the 650 before I realized what I had. So I have the 400 down to the frame and I was wondering about the battery you used? I want something I can squeeze under the tank. Any ideas. Thanks-bike looks great.

  2. reynoldburton says:

    Looks great for this little (relatively) effort!

  3. Russ says:

    Looks good . Please tell us more about the battery

  4. Josh says:

    Cool bike. I like how clean it is underneath. I too would like to hear more about the small battery set up.

  5. breahn riley says:

    Do you have a diagram for the wiring system that you used? Is that little battery strong enough to power front and rear blinkers, tail and head light as well as the motor?

  6. Mike says:

    I like that mirror, where could I guy find one of those?

  7. Pete says:

    Thanks for the comments.
    The battery is a 12v 0.8ah SLA backup battery:L:3.78″, W:0.98″, H:2.40″. My bike has an electronic ignition and is kick-only. All of my lights are LED except the headlight. I have a 3-way ignition switch so I can start the bike with the lights off. When running, the there is plenty of juice to run the lights and signals. I also installed a battery switch ahead of the ignition switch so it doesnt back drain the battery when the bike is off. Here is a link to some good wiring ideas, . I used a mixture of the “schematic for points ignition XS650s” link and ” electronic ignition circuit with 7 wire ignition box” link.
    It is a bike mirror from REI, $15. It is small and folds like a lane-splitter. It works great.

  8. breahn Riley says:

    those mirrors are on ebay

  9. PJ says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    As for the battery, it is a 12v 0.8ah SLA battery. The dimensions are, H:2.42″ x L:3.78″ x W:0.98″ All of my lights are LED except the headlight, and it runs them all including the blinkers, when the bike is running. I have a 3 position ignition switch and the bike is kick only, so I can start it with the lights off. I installed an inline battery switch as well so it doesn’t back drain when the bike is off. As long as your charging system works, you wont have any issues with one of these. You just can’t leave the lights on when its off.

  10. Russ says:

    Thank you for the info on the battery ,it’s what Ive been lookink for. I really like the bike youve built, Im trying to put one together simmular to yours for my son.

  11. PJ says:

    Here is a link for the resource I used for simple wiring diagrams for XS650s, . Mine is a combination of the “schematic for points ignition XS650s” and the “Modified chopper electronic ignition circuit with 7 wire ignition box”. if you have points, it will work even better.
    The mirror, it is a bike mirror from REI, $15. It folds like a lane splitter and works great.

  12. james says:

    Nice job hiding the rats nest of the Electronic ignition! I have the same battery, Its been a year and it performs perfectly(even through winter!)

  13. the nevermind... says:

    finally after lookin through all these pictures of these wonderfully done bikes… yours is the platform I’ve been looking for… thank you… great job!!!

  14. dr ron says:

    nice looking clean setup , how did you shortened the shocks? are they still in working order ?? gr Dr Ron