Here is another bike getting together from the DADDYGCYCLES  FAMILY. This has a small rake on the front and is going to be painted Black with a silver tank and fender. Been very busy here and love to come onto XSCHOPPERS to get ideas from all of you guys.


We build just about any kind of bike you want and i know this is just a XS site and we will only post XS pictures up here but we are building in the shop a cool little Honda for a NY Fireman, A KZ1000 TRIKE for THE CABLE GUY, KZ ground pounder, and 6 more XS650’s.

We are moving to a new shop in SOUTH JERSEY and just can’t wait to take all the ideas that i have seen here from all you guys that build and put these bikes on the street. I will post all the XS 650 on here and you got to thank all the great vendors and you guys for doing what we all love to do GET DIRTY AND WRENCH!!!!!

xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop