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Ardcore Choppers Blacked Out XS

Ok boys and girls here’s the newest XS to roll out of the Ardcore shop. The bike is on its way down to Tejas. That is Spanish for Texas. This ride was built for a guy who goes by the name of David Sweeney.

Here are some specs on this Yamaha xs650: Ardcore 180mm frame, Ardcore off set sprocket ,top fools exhaust set up and a -2 springer. The rear sports a 18 180 tire. This bike runs a boyer ignition. The IGNITION IS DESIGNED TO REPLACE YOUR OLD STYLE. The ignition system improves starts, idle and revs through the rpm range.


The guys at THOMAS RACING hooked up the engine. Thomas racing is out of Indiana and they specialize in XS650 motors and other high-performance racing products. After they’re done building the XS power plant they test run it before it leaves the shop.

The motor is 100% rebuild and has a welded crank a valid job and bead blasted heads and cases.  The motors really worked over with new clutch fibers, new cam chain, new gaskets and seals and other good stuff. Sounds like a badass engine right?


Download this pic as a Screensaver. Click Here!

The tank and fenders have been paint with SEM Hot Rod black and the frame has been powder coated.  Nate says “The customer wanted it blacked out so that what we did..”


Is their anything else interesting that we wouldn’t notice from looking at the pics?

Nate- hmmm…The bike is running one of our offset sprocket to accommodate the wider rear wheel, also is running our chain tensioner..

Anything else you’d like to add?

Nate- Buy a gun.. _Nate

Ardcore Choppers

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Nate- I should also note that the photos where taken by Greg “the mayor” Andrews http://flickr.com/photos/gregthemayor the Model is Erica T.