easy end garage xs


From the Easy End Garage in Richmond Virginia this 76 xs is an on going process featuring a tc bros hardtail and controls, sportster tank and a modified set of apes.



Got the bike from a friend who had it rotting away in his back yard. check out easyendgarage.blogspot.com to check out this and other builds.



  1. selling this bike for 1600 email me at hunterwar@gmail.com

  2. metalhead says:

    slick ride. I checked out your blog, noticed that bike is up for sale, might try and post it up on the Hampton Roads Craigslist. People have been snapping up XS’s around here QUICK, and richmond is only a couple hour drive. I have a few locals looking for chops, and I don’t have the time to build them for them. Shoot some contact info to motuner@hotmail.com, and I’ll spread the word. I could probably have that bike sold inside a week.

  3. douglas bubbletrousers says:

    gotta love that ‘CREATURE’ banner in the background!! bike is super sick too!!

  4. norm younger says:

    cool looking bike