Copper Hound

Hey guys well this my contribution to the XS world this was a rust bucket of a 77′ XS650D. The bike was given to me by a friends wifes grandpa. I freshened up the motor with a Mikes XS 750 bore kit and a new cam,valves and guides and many other parts too many to name.  

Pamco pete helped me out with a new ignition.  New Delortto carbs and spacers.  Dan @ Pandemonium set me up with a sportster XL King tank with speed cap and sight tube on the side and and dual fuel bungs under the tank.  Added a TC Bros hardtail (thanx to Joby Delome for some perfect tig welding), battery box, electronics box, forward controls and 12″ apes.

Thanx to my bud Damien Cormier @ DCII Leather for the seat and battery box covers. Still waiting for Ardcore to send out my caddy taillight bracket.  Powder coated the frame,and lower fork tubes  Copper Vein, and the rims gloss black.  New avon venom front and rear tires. I am down to wiring everything then fuel lines and then the clutch.

If anyone has info on setting the adjustment of the clutch plates I would appreciate the input when I got it the springs were all cranked down tight .  Anyway hope you like it so far I will keep you posted.

Todd Greenlee


  1. Brian says:

    Great looking bike Ted. I’d love to see some more photos. My brother just got a 79 xs400, and we’re getting started on playing with it a bit. It has the same wheels as yours, but much skinnier. How wide are your wheels? Tires? Any idea what the widest tire is we can put on the stock super-skinny wheel? What is the best place to find a wider rear wheel, that accepts the stock disc brakes.
    We’d appreciate any info you can give. Thanks.

  2. Todd says:

    The rear tire on the bike is a 150mm. The rear
    wheel had to be offset by 3/8″ to allow the chain
    to clear the tire. The stock wheel when I first got
    it had a 130mm tire and everything semed to
    have good clearance. I am still working on the
    bike but hope to pass all of the hurdles soon
    and be riding.

  3. Greg says:

    Pretty good so far, dude!