Hello, folks!, here’s my everyday in use rig…use my gall for goin’to work every day summer and winter…so it has to be comfortable i guess.

It’s a 82 heritage special slightly rebuilt. don’t know what style it is,but hell, it’s my own…as you can see there’s  a harley streetbob fueltank on it, the frame is stock, motor,and wheels too. front fork is custom made, in 6 degree.


forks 4 inch over stock handlebar 1/2 ape seat selfmade from old couch…. did the paintjob myself, well it’s not perfect but what the …..and of course fishtales, really love fishtales…and it’s loud enough.
I’m not done rebuilding yet, want some floorboards, thinking of suicide shift some exhaust tape, things like that please let me know what you think of it,maybe some good ideas??


Greetings from holland, and keep u the good work!!


xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana