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Meet “Little Miss Bitch”


Little Miss. Bitch 048

Meet ‘Little Miss. Bitch’, my 1977 xs that we found in my favorite junk yard here in S.A. I was told she sat in that weed chocked lot for 18 years, I said I could bring it back to life. I spent lots of late nights out there tearing it down. We sent the frame out to TC Bro. to have the hardtail put on. Continue Reading →

15 year slumber




Restoring ol bikes is my passion, after seeing all the cool xs bobbers on this site, me and my friend decided to restore this 1971 xs 650.this bike sat in a shed for 15 years i was told and was begging for somebody to fix her up. Continue Reading →



New Imagejjju (Medium)

Write about your XS650.: A mechanic friend ended up with a coupla xs’s and before i knew it one came home with me along with several boxes of parts a nd some motors, all of which turned out to be junk for the most part so he being the builder type offered me his all together and running 76 model engine, so i was off to the races. Continue Reading →

sick xs650 Garage Company Customs


6 inch stretch xs

Larry- It’s a 80 XS650. We picked this bike up from a guy local in stock form.  It had been sitting in his garage for 10 years. To start off the build the frame got hard-tailed with a 6 inch stretch in the rear and an additional 3 degrees of rake in the neck. We use as many of the stock components as we could to save the customer some dough. The brakes, wheels and front-end were all re-used. The tank is a Salinas Boys piece from Cole Foster and the fender is from Pat at Led Sled Customs.  As for the rest of the bike we pretty much did everything else in house aside from the lace paint, that was done by Goolsby Customs. Continue Reading →

Tim Clemens 1975 XS 650



1975 XS 650

This bike, all original, had been sitting in a garage for over 5 years when I bought it.  I welded a hardtail onto the original frame, and used an aftermarket sportster tank.  I handmade the battery box, installed all new lights and gauges, and it now has a snakeskin seat.

james atkins 1st chop build



The engine is out of a 1979 special and was in a bit of a state so i went to work on it and now its like new. The tank and electric box under seat are stainless, I just need to do the polish work on them now. Continue Reading →