Wicked First!


This chopper is a 1983 body with a 1979 HEART!!!  Black and Orange in color, everything is powder coated.  This 1979 motor only had 8900 miles on it, but had been sitting outside for since 1987, so just about everything needed replacing.  



Complete top end rebuild, new clutch and clutch parts, and just about everything on the bottom end was replaced too.  The hard tail section is from G&L Choppers, but I’m building my own hard tail section for the next bike!  Custom forward control and custom made & wrapped exhaust pipes.  Rebuilt the carbs, new air filters.  Seat is made from Saddle leather and is a custom design, seat was done by MATT @ Workingmanscustoms.



The front froks have been shaved and powder coated and the spring have been replaced.  The wheels have been rebuilt and powder coated.  I also removed the back arm bracket, for the rear brake, and made a custom mount for the rear brake, very clean.  I’ve put 12″ ape hangers, for the handle bars, and a small speedometer.  Had some problems with the inner workings of the kick start, so I had to completely remove the kick start, so the bike is now fully electric start.



I also got rid of the points. The tail light and brake is off a 1955 Caddy and the licence plate mounts on the side with the brake light. I was going for the simple clean look.  Thanks for looking, just started the next Chopper, it’s going to be more of a flat track look!  Thanks again from Wicked Choice Kustoms!  WickedChoice@hotmail.com


  1. It's Me says:

    wow, it’s as original as your neighborhood. orange and black, huh? oh yeah, gotta have some skulls on it for it to be a chopper.

  2. chuck says:

    awesome bike dude, working on one myself. hope it comes out as nice as yours. you gotta love the haters eh, ahaha, you can always tell the ones that are the most jealous cause instead of looking at your bike and moving on if they don’t like it they’ll actually go through the trouble of cutting you down for your hard work.
    just ignore them.


  3. bykerbrad says:

    Very simple indeed, I dig it. What kind of bars are they and where did you get them?

  4. B says:

    Yes, I LOVE the HATERS, they are always around, and most of the time their problem is, that they can’t finish their own bikes! Thanks Chuck, and good luck on yours. Brad thanks too, and the bars are 7/8″ bar, 12″ apes, that I custom made and powder coated Black, let me know if your want some, I’ll make them! Thanks for looking.

  5. Tech7 says:

    I like it a lot. LOVE the pipes, real clean. Couple of questions. What did you use for riser bushings? And, maybe it’s just the camera angle, but your seat looks real close to your battery. Any problems? I’m fitting my seat now, and I,m not happy with the 2″ springs. Check out my bike. It’s posted as NOT a trailer queen.

  6. B says:

    Thanks Tech7, I love the pipes too, pipes are larger than stock. I was going for a different but clean look. The risers are stock with rubber dampers, nothing special, powder coated orange. Seat is close to battery, but no problems, rides great, very smooth. I’ll check your post too! Thanks for looking.

  7. RevCain says:

    nice build. how much for a set of apes? can you build them out of stainless? i like your rear fender quite a bit.

  8. Tech7 says:

    Thanks for the props. Another question. Any baffles in the pipes? Loud?

  9. B says:

    There are NO baffles in the pipes, NO laws in TEXAS about pipes or loudness, so YES very loud, even louder than I expected! With custom pipes you have to adjust and tune your carbs in well. Let me know when your done with your build, I’m ready to see it finished! Dude, what your name, shoot me an E-mail, wickedchoice@hotmail.com , LATER

  10. B says:

    RevCain, Yes I can build them out of stainless, I have a special bender for bars and another bender for frames. I’ll have to look into price, I’ll be in touch, and shot me an E-mail, wickedchoice@hotmail.com , The rear fender is a stock fender that I chopped to make it shorter, easy part to make. Thanks for looking!

  11. B says:

    NO baffles on bike, NO LAWS in Texas about sound, so very loud, even louder than I expected. Just had to adjust and tune carbs in well, due to the larger exhaust pipes! SOUNDS AWESOME!

  12. Bodhi says:

    nice bike

    I was going to do a similar short exhaust, do you have any problems with fumes at idle

  13. Jesus says:

    Do you make pipes ?and how ’bout a set of windowpane bars. Nice scoot man!

  14. B says:

    No problems with fumes, just a little back firing every once in awhile, but sounds great! Yes, I can make pipes and handlebars! Shoot me an E-mail if interested with pic’s of what you are going for? Thanks for looking! WickedChoice@hotmail.com

  15. Matt says:

    Love those G&L tails. Looks great. Nice build.

  16. B says:

    Thanks Matt, Those G & L tails are awesome!

  17. Dave says:

    Like I said before, that orange really pops against the black. People have such a weird aversion to color on their bikes. Mags especially look better when done in a wicked color. Your pipes are the coolest, dude. I’m not too keen on the look of apes, but I love the feel of them when actually riding the bike. Love it!

  18. Blackwidow says:

    The bike looks really nice and clean all complete the seat is killer

  19. B says:

    Thanks Dave, Yes, the ape are only 12″, and I’m 6’2″, so when I sit upright, it’s almost like riding a normal bike for most people. My next bike, which I have started, will be a Flat Track hard tail with clip on bars. Always looking to make bikes lighter and cleaner looking. Thanks for looking!

  20. B says:

    Thanks Blackwidow. Yes, the seat was done by a buddy of mine, here in Austin, Texas. His name is Matt, you can check his stuff out at Workingmancustoms, google it! His seats are awesome, they run between $300-$600, and his also does leather saddle bags and even grips, which are KICK ASS! Thanks for looking dude!

  21. Puker says:

    Sweet effin’ scoot man! Yeah that orange pops, like burns into your eyes. I love Halloween, spooky type stuff. Hey if you’re in Austin and looking to do a tracker, you should check out a guy calls himself Limey Bikes. He specializes in XS’s and looks like he did a real nice tracker. Maybe a good place to get ideas, right? Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  22. B says:

    Thanks Puker! Yes, I know Chris @ Limey Bikes, me and Chris are friends and I use him already for a few differnet things. Puker are you in Austin? Thanks for looking!

  23. Donald says:

    B quick question?
    Does Matt at Working Mans Customs know that you are claiming that you did all the fab work on this?
    Have you even been to his blogspot? http://workingmanscustoms.blogspot.com/
    He has your bike in his garage in different stages of fabrication.
    How do I know this? well I am a customer of his!Check out the wallet and belt he did for me on the same site. Matts a top notch guy and for you to be claiming that you did the work is CRAP!!! Dude he even posted the pics of the exhaust on ChopCult when he finished them.
    Wicked Choice Huh? To lie?
    If you guy’s need something I’d go straight to the source and contact matt@workingmanscustoms.com
    This guys a joke!

  24. Hugh says:

    Sweet Man! You made the Chop Cult as well! Check it out!


  25. hooversama says:

    I dig it! I LIKE the color, and I LIKE the skulls….!!!

  26. R.C says:

    its a shame to tryand take glory that isnt his….and damn unfair to the fabricator that did all the actual work.

    I didnt buy into the black and orange, after reading abt this build pon two diff place I damn sure dont buy into any of it, dont see anything original abt it looks like every other machine the rubs tend to claim as thiers…. what a shame……

    Kick ass seat however

  27. Puker says:

    Seems to me like there’s a difference between omitting a name for time’s sake, and flat out claiming you did something that you didn’t. It certainly wouldn’t hurt your brand name at all, to let people know that you have a strong network of talent to work with. Might even get you more projects if people see reliable names behind yours. My $0.02.

  28. Hmmmmm... says:

    If Matt from working man’s customs did all your fabrication, and Chris from Limey Bikes did all the engine building, carb building, wiring, finish assembly, and tuning, and someone else you’re leaving out did the powder coating…… what did you actually do?

  29. Hugh says:

    RE: To Hmmmmmmm

    He said it already, he outsourced and paid for it…. Oh, and “designed” it… That means he could be the perfect middle man in your next build!

  30. hangman says:

    Sweet ride! Great effort.

  31. Rob says:

    Okay I tried emailing you but no Luck I need help with a tank I love the way your looks where did you get it also Does it hide the electronics and things under the tank when stock please email me back

  32. Rob says:

    sorry its Rbarganier at gmail

  33. Jay says:

    Sweet ride, who cares who did what, the guy still designed and paid for everything! WTF? When people first get started you have to outsource some stuff. I think this Matt guy is just piss off his bikes don’t look as good! Even OCC, use to outsource all kinds of stuff, now the have the money to do everything in HOUSE! Just my .02……………………..

  34. Kent says:

    Yah, ROB!

  35. Steven says:

    this bike rocks….it’s looks are very appealing……cudos !!!

  36. Barney says:

    I like the seat on this bike. Sorry to hear about the kick start.