“The Glori-Rat” by metalsoul engineering


“The Glori-Rat”

So, this is my latest build called “The Glori-Rat” because she’s a Glorified Rat-bike (more than just flat black and basic) that’s just meant to be ridden. I had a great time building her because I did whatever I wanted to based off of what I saw in my head.  Most everything I either hand-made and home-built or scrounged up. It sounds great and rides tight! She just went off with her new owner last night, and I’m sure Ian will treat her right and have a blast!! 



I made the seat, battery-box and sissy bar/backrest from scratch, and used the A/C cylinder from out of my Datsun pickup to hide the electronics and fuse relay.  I gave her fresh bearings, oil and seals, new chain, tires, and brake pads, and rebuilt the carbs.  I gave the tank, fender and parts of the frame a “riveted” look for a more aggressive impression…I think it worked!


You ca check out more pics of “The Glori-Rat” and other bikes and stuff at my website:  www.metalsoulengineering.com
Thanks for looking!


  1. reynoldburton says:

    Another great lookin´swingarm! I really like it.

  2. jSv says:

    Normally you see this “Konged” frame modifcation on Honda 750’s. Looks even better on the Yamahas.

  3. mike says:

    Not a big fan of this one, sorry. Looks very amatuer and “thrown together.”

  4. Idaho chad says:

    thrown together..haha.wtf..
    anyway, killer looking ride. it’s nice to see people using shocks.

  5. norm younger says:

    Nice job on the brat conversion.

  6. mookie says:

    + putting the ignition switch where it wont burn your fingers and doesn’t require fumbling around to locate it….

    + rear suspension and shorter wheelbase…

    – on the painted torque arm…

    frame looks unfinished in primer or whatever that is..

    i trust the new owner got another set of brake shoes with that purchase?

    overall +