Old School XS650


1980 XS650 with Old school Military Feel. Lowered and stretched…with a 105mm Shell that houses all the wires….fun…absolute XS650 passion.



Jerry Helm


  1. Tech7 says:

    Great stance. Like the pipes. Is that a stock tank narrowed? Tough looking bike. Well done.

  2. Norton KustomS says:

    veryclean and simple+oldschoolz= badass man i like it…

  3. Lance says:

    Very cool, like the style. Are those Firestone 4.50-18’s?

  4. hi,i love the sound of the engine,would you be willing to share with us what you did to make it sound that good,thanks.

  5. Spun says:

    Man you should be very proud. Your bike kickes a$$. Very, very nice.

  6. Nate says:

    Dig the bike but that headlight doesn’t work for the style..but thats just me being picky..I have a nice vintage spotlight i’d get rid of for cheap if you wanted to try something different out.

  7. HAPPY DAN says:

    I dig the big tires,my dad,56 years young,is doing one kinda this way,I dig the bike.

  8. danny says:

    I agree with Nate, that headlight is a little to modern for that style.
    I do love this bike though. I was wondering about the hardtail. It looks like a G&L with a slight drop in the seat area.

  9. Ted says:

    I dig the direction this bikes going. The Firestone tires are killer. I think I want to use them on my café project. one of the things I’m trying to workout right now my chopper deal is how to keep the exhaust close to the frame while having the mid-controls in the same area as on this bike.

  10. Blackwidow says:

    really nice bike I like everything about it I wouldn’t change a thing

  11. Shotcaller says:

    Cool bike. I agree with Nate about the light. A small light with a black can and chrome ring would be my choice.

  12. Grady Bledsoe says:

    Please tell me the name of those tires and where to get them. Thanks, Beautiful bike! Near perfect looking.

  13. BrookeXM says:

    What kind of tank is that?

  14. Billybobba says:

    Looks like an old Beesa tank. (BSA, for the newbies)

  15. Tech7 says:

    But it has the Yamaha cap?

  16. PawPah says:

    VERY NICE! how much stretch?

  17. norm younger says:

    Wow great looking bike.

  18. Tombo says:

    Hi man, thats a sweet looking bike. I take it those are firestones? What size tyres/rims have you got on there?