NOT a trailer queen


This is my first chopper build. I love the simplicity of the XS 650 twin, and am tired of overpriced shopping cart bling bling TV show bikes. You know what I mean. ( BIG thanks to The Horse mag) Got this one for $700 and an hour later half of it was in the dumpster.


The next day, the frame was cut and the back half was on its’ way from TC Bros. The stock wheels were blasted and painted black. Got the tank for FREE from a guy with a CFL who didn’t like the shape. (I can live with green flames) For free, it’s for me. Gonna paint the rest black and polish the aluminum. JCwhitney drag bars, ebay pegs and risers. Plans are for mid controls and a spring solo seat. Made the pipes from some J-bends from Summit and parts of the original pipes. Will wrap later. Still in the air about the sissy bar. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking and thanks to everyone who contributes to this site, it’s a great place for info and ideas.  I’ll post more as it goes along.




  1. perry says:

    gonna be a nice ride man! go with a tall sissy bar, tall bars look killer. pipes look great, nice job. i also painted my wheels black and i was surprised with the results. love this site.

  2. HAPPY DAN says:

    looks cool,I like what you got going on,keep up the good work!

  3. Blackwidow says:

    I trailer mine because the highway scares me LOL nice pipes

  4. reynoldburton says:

    Yes, pro sissybar!

  5. Danny says:

    The dumpster?!?! That’s what ebay’s for, man! Fund your build with the takeoffs. Cool midpipes!

  6. Lance says:

    The sissy bar looks about right to me. Any taller you would need to go with a thicker bar I think and add some more bends up arouond the fender. Love the pipes and free tank!

  7. B says:

    Nice bike man, I saw this one the other day, and I really like the pipes! What else are you going to be doing to the bike? When are you going to be done and riding?

  8. Tech7 says:

    Oddly enough, right after I posted the comment on B’s bike, I scored a set of brand new chopper shox for my seat from a buddy who’s not using them on his rigid. Freebie. Is karma a cool thing or what? Plans are for gloos urethane black on frame, fork lowers and fender, keeping the flamed tank, matte black on engine case, and no front fender. Thinking maybe about natural colored leather for the seat to set it off a bit. Hopefully I’ll be riding in the spring, just watching the budget. (or my wife is) Thanx for the feedback!

  9. B says:

    OH, I know about the wife watching! lmao Good luck! Should be kick ass, like most of these bikes are…..later

  10. Shotcaller says:

    Keep the pics coming … I really like this one.

  11. bradshaw says:

    have any new pics??

  12. bradshaw says:

    also what did you use for rear fender??

  13. Tech7 says:

    I’ve got the bike apart again. Mockup’s done, prepping for paint. Decided against the chopper shox for the seat, didn’t look right. I’m using small block chevy valve springs. Vey supportive. Way less squishy than the drag specialty seat springs. The fender is a 6 inch Paughco shortened 10 inches or so. More photos soon as I can.

  14. Mike says:

    how exactly did you make the exhaust? and is the frame painted or sandblaster?

  15. Tech7 says:

    The exhaust I made from some J-bends from Summit. I welded the original flanges up front, I cut the J-bend in the middle of the arc and rewelded to make the turn,and the chrome parts are pieces from the original exhaust with the inner pipe removed. I left about 2″ of the inner pipe at flange to mimic those anti reversion inserts they sell. Gonna run it and see if I need to install any baffles before I wrap them. Probably leave just an inch or 2 of the chrome pipe showing. The frame in the picture is in bare steel. I painted the frame gloss black urethane last week. Painting the engine matte black this week and beginning assembly. (finally) These projects seem to nickel and dime you to death!

  16. Mike says:

    it looks really good. i cant wait to see it done. im in the middle of building one now and its so overwhelming but it will be worth the wait and aggravation. how does the exhaust sound when you fire it up? and where your neck is at, did you cut out that piece of metal that covers over that gap i think im doing the same one mine

  17. Tech7 says:

    I can’t wait to see it done too! Haven’t heard the exhaust yet. And yes, I did cut out that ugly piece of metal. Looks much better. Spent 8 hours last weekend polishing the aluminum bits for the engine. Engine case and cylinders will be matte black.

  18. tisho says:

    like your bike, and you have one hell of a shop

  19. joe says:

    how much to make me some pipes like that?

  20. joe says:

    how much to make me some of these pipes?

  21. norm younger says:

    very nice