I digging thru my hard drive and found some pics of my old “cafe” XS. That thing had so many random parts from random bikes it was crazy! I built it back when I used to work at a local motorcycle salvage yard, so I had access to ALOT of stuff to play with. Some of the parts on the parts list are just educated guesses, as the yard I worked at wasn’t very well organized.



I just grabbed what I could make work.
specs: (that I can remember)
1974 Xs650 frame, modified for mono-shock
1979 XS650 motor
1992 gsxr750 inverted forks/triple clamps/clip-ons
1st gen (90-somthing) ZX7 front wheel/ rotor
hyabusa 6 piston front brake caliper
GPZ550 aluminum swingarm
zx-9 rear shock
GSF400 (bandit400) rear wheel
GS500 rear caliper
GSXR600 rear rotor
CB450 rear fender (modified a bit)
harley turn signal for tail light

It’s been many a year since I built this bike, but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I know the suspension mods tend to get alot of questions about how I made it all work. (and believe me, it worked WELL!!)


xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop