Mark Bobber Project


Bought this bike for 100 bucks, in sat in my garage for 4 yrs..only been working on it in my spare time for a year…almost there only have a few small things to change…Home made hardtail with a rattle can paint job.





Mark Morgan


  1. Shawn says:

    Those are THE pipes I want! Where Bro?

  2. Tech7 says:

    Is that tank from a Yamaha Seca? Cool fit.

  3. I have seen a bunch of Sportster bobbers. They are a great bike to start off with. Plus, a well done Sportster has a chance of being worth pretty close3 to what you have in it when you are done.

  4. Spun says:


  5. Spun says:

    I think the tank is from a Maxim. my guess anyway. Nice ride, well done.

  6. Mark Morgan says:

    The pipes are home made from differnt pipes I had laying around! I tend to change stuff to what works ,with out having to buy something…..CHOP ON BROTHERS

  7. Tech7 says:

    What about the tank Mark? Just curious.

  8. Mark Morgan says:

    The Tank, its off a 81 seca xj750…you cant see it in the pic but I put a aircraft fuel cap in the middle thats flush ..I rattle can it with the flakest silver I could find …and then clear…the graphics are vinyl ,and cost me 14 bucks…CHOP ON BROTHERS

  9. bradshaw says:

    you want to sell your old 2in1 pipe??

  10. Mark Morgan says:

    Sorry bradshaw ,but I cut that sucker up to make the ones that are now on my bike…Ted Iam not sure about the fender but it was 20 bucks,it came bare steel unpainted

  11. norm younger says: