XS 650 Big Bore (880cc)

This bike is a XS 650 Big Bore (880cc) The engine has also a hot cam, Dellorto 38 mm carb’s, electonic ign. Right side opperated racing clutch, high output oil pump with external oilfilter and cooler. The exhaust is a big diam.fitted in to set of REMUS carbon cans. The frame is lowered and I’ve fitted a Yamaha FZR1300 swing arm in it to fit the 200 rear tire.


And everything is fitted in the centerline by installing a longer drive shaft for the front sprocket. At the front we find a upside down fork from Kawasaki in home made wide glide fork plates. The front tire is a size150 with floating disc’s and Harrison “billet” 6 calipers. The handling is very good and there is plenty of power onboard, I can ashore you.

Gr. from Bert Kettingvet (chain grease) from Holland.

xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana