Just another XS 650 club member from Holland.


XS 650 Big Bore (880cc)

This bike is a XS 650 Big Bore (880cc) The engine has also a hot cam, Dellorto 38 mm carb’s, electonic ign. Right side opperated racing clutch, high output oil pump with external oilfilter and cooler. The exhaust is a big diam.fitted in to set of REMUS carbon cans. The frame is lowered and I’ve fitted a Yamaha FZR1300 swing arm in it to fit the 200 rear tire.


And everything is fitted in the centerline by installing a longer drive shaft for the front sprocket. At the front we find a upside down fork from Kawasaki in home made wide glide fork plates. The front tire is a size150 with floating disc’s and Harrison “billet” 6 calipers. The handling is very good and there is plenty of power onboard, I can ashore you.

Gr. from Bert Kettingvet (chain grease) from Holland.


  1. John says:

    Very different! One of a kind for sure, great job Bert! Thanks for posting.

  2. Rusty Nutz says:


  3. Hans from Holland says:

    Hey Bert! Good to see you here. How’s your new radical XS project, do the large airfilters fit ? ThanXS again for the alloy, right now i’m hammering, molding and bending it in a a nice shape. Hope your new project turned out nice, saw the sneakpreview, great Yihaaaa factor!!!

  4. bignosecris uk says:

    awesome dude.what more can you say.looks like a wheelie machine!!!

  5. ken says:

    did it take much to fit that swinging arm. trying to find a way of fitting a 200 on my xs

  6. Bert Kettingvet says:

    To fit the swing arm in the frame you have to use the grinder and make it wider.
    But a bigger problem is to fit the 200 tire, because you have to make the drive shaft longer to align the chain line between the sprockets.
    I’ve put a extra bearing at the end of the lengthened driveshaft to avoit breaking out.

    Gr. from Chain Grease

  7. Bert Kettingvet says:

    Hey Hans,

    About my new project, “the streetfighter” Its still not readdy.
    I’ve build a compl. new engine , 750cc set 277 with performance cam. 36mm Dellorto’s, enlarged 5th gear, high output oil pump external oil filter with cooler and an hydr. clutch with open clutch cover like we’ve done before.
    So that part is readdy.
    Now I’ve to fiXS the rest, just some small details and than we can start to put some paint on it.
    Just a little longer.

    Gr. Bert Kettingvet

  8. ken says:

    thanks for the tip on the swinging arm. its wot i expected with the drive shaft so i shall go ahead.

  9. Angry John says:

    Dude, that’s a super sweet bike. I love the fact it has a front fender.

  10. Grady Bledsoe says:

    could you tell me more about the front forks and triple trees? I dont understand what you did but I like it. Thanks

  11. cj says:

    Im also wondering about the forks im wanting to put gxsr forks on mine and i cant find any info on how to do it any were so any info would be awsome thanks

  12. Bert Kettingvet says:

    I’ve made my own fork plates out of a aluminium plate.
    They are extra wide to fit the 150 tire.
    I’ve used the original bearing shaft from a XS650, by cutting it out with a grinder and machined it again.
    I drilled a hole in the fork plates with the exact size of the shaft.
    This way you can fit the original bearings.

    I hope this gives you the answer on your question.

    Gr. Bert Kettingvet

  13. Hans from Holland says:

    Hey Bert,
    Where were you last saturday?????????
    Hope to see you in Heerlen! Greetz Hans.

  14. Bert Kettingvet says:

    Hey Hans,

    Sorry for the delay in response.
    I’ve bin out for my job to Dubai and China, thats why I could’nt make it.
    Hope to see you soon,

    Gr, Bert Kettingvet

  15. Hans from Holland says:

    Saturday at the XS 650 meeting in Heerlen????

  16. norm younger says:

    WOW looks fast as hell.