Josh Storms xs project


turn a wrench and see what happened

When this project started about 9 months ago I had no clue about building bikes…or anything for that matter. But what I did have was a willingness to turn a wrench and see what happened. And I probably still don’t know much other than if you keep telling yourself you know what your doing even if you really don’t is nearly as good as really knowing in the 1st place. This works as longs as you have some good folks around you to steer you in the right direction when your about to do something that would certainly end up causing you to build an actual “death trap”. And I have been fortunate enough to meet lots of good people online and in person over the course of my first build. And I can’t thank all of you enough for helping me find parts, answer all my emails and PM’s full of stupid questions and for encouraging me along the way. Gotta thank my supportive wife who has taken my sickness in stride and even lends an extra hand from time to time.


I knew I wanted to do as much I could on my own, so other than the welding of the TC Bros parts, carb rebuild and the pin-striping laid down by Asher Emerson of Po’Boy – I did everything else myself in the garage. Lots of time and sandpaper were spent prepping all the old parts for paint – the whole bike is high class rattle can. I used eastwood satin chassis black on the frame. Shot gloss black appliance epoxy on the wheels and such. And all the sparkly goodness is autozone metal flake green.


With the help of Brian Durk’s videos I got her all wired up with a combined regulator/rectifier and the addition of a key, kill switch, and headlamp on/off plus hi beam switches. I bought new parts where needed including the 2.2 gallon paughco tank, slimline master cylinder, electrics, no school choppers plate mount and west eagle seat. Other than that all the old parts that could be salvaged and renewed were used.
I learned so much and had such a goodtime doing this that I am looking forward to starting another one with all the parts I have amassed. #2 will eventually go to my little bro when he finishes up school. At the end of the day I am proud to ride a machine that I built with my own hands and I am thankful for the good people I have met along the way…and that’s really what it’s all about, right.


Josh Storms


  1. Hesh says:

    Looking good dude! Is that an AZ background?

  2. Josh says:

    Yup it sure is. It was goodtimes working on that thing in the garage during july and august.

  3. Lance says:

    Very cool! I really like the package. that Paughco tank just looks kill up there! Congrats

  4. HAPPY DAN says:

    Dude,looks really cool!I dig the beer bottle opener.

  5. El Capitan says:

    Killer wheels eskimo bro! Keep up the monkey wrenching.

  6. Billy says:

    Love it man! Im digging the tank big time. I live in Az as well and am actually half way through my first build with no experience too. Shoot me an e-mail I have a few questions for you.

  7. Josh says:

    Billy – drop me an email at i’m happy to help any way i can…

  8. John says:

    Love the Gators (aka fork boots)! They really complete a motorcycle, plus they automatically make the bike faster, don’t cha know.

  9. Gig III says:

    Very clean. love the color.

  10. bignosecris uk says:

    beautiful mate.really to leave my gators on cos’ my forks badly pitted.glad to know they will still look sweet.well done brother

  11. Blackwidow says:

    Cool story thats how I started I knew nothing about bikes and said to hell with it if I’m gonna get a cheap custom it’s not gonna happen by paying someone to do it so I did it

  12. Josh says:

    thanks for all the great feedback fellas.

    BlackWidow – yours is the black and red that got tossed off the trailer right?

  13. Buddy says:

    Billy your in AZ? and Josh are you in AZ as well? I am building my first bike to and I live in QC,AZ if I can pick your brains let me know…

  14. Josh says:

    for sure, just email me.

  15. REEB! says:

    Nice selection of parts

  16. ol' fart says:

    There’s a lot to like about your scoot and your comments, Josh. Here’s a Well Done from an ol’ fart up in Show Low, AZ.

  17. ol' fart says:

    By the way, have you built anything else in the past two years?