*Hopeless xs650*


I picked up this 1980 xs650 about a month ago on Craigslist for $170 in portland, Or. This bike was just a rolling frame with a motor and extra parts in the box. I brought it home and the first thing i did was start to tear it down lol it was about 9pm and I just started digging in, off with the exhaust, rear springs exc. Couldnt sleep at all that night I was so excited about cutting it all up.



So the next day I take the motor out the front forks off and all the bs to where its just the frame and cut it in half lol. I have picked up some drag bars for it, painted the front and rear rims black, got a mustag tank for it and painted it red black and red lol and sanded it down to give it that rat look to it and my friends from HOPELESS INK. are going to deck out the tank for me :), I also picked up a rear fender off some sort of bike and painted the motor and what not. Its not finished yet but soon enough it will be on the road. Im ordering th
e dropseat hard tail next week and the rear white wall tire.***CANT WAIT***

Branden Norton


  1. Bruce reed says:

    If you need anything I’m right down the road in bend.

  2. Branden says:

    Right on man I actually am opening up my own business in Vancouver wa…. What do you have….

  3. Lance says:

    keep us posted- the tank should be pretty cool when finished. Where’s the drop seat frame coming from?

  4. R.C says:

    What is your business in the ‘couve? there are several of us here now.
    Would like to check out the dropseat, drop me a call/email at 360-977-2443, rickinpdxx@gmail

  5. Bruce reed says:

    I make frames seats tanks bars cusom mids n forwards do custom paint and pinstriping. I build xs bobbers from scratch as well as any other motorcycle that can be chopped. I’m going to be in vancouver wa. on the 20th maybe I could come by and see what you have going. Send me an email evilempirestudio@gmail.com

  6. Branden says:

    sorry its been busy here so I have not had a chance to get on the site. My business is called Norton KustomS and im in van wa. email me for my number if you guys need somthin done. I can get hardtails and what not for xs’s I get most of my stuff from Robert at Elswic Cycles.


  7. Branden says:

    hey guys I did an update with more pics I also changed the name to HOOLIGAN lol I think it fits my bike a lil better. I did a black motor with hammerd coper valve covers and what not and the polished aluminum fins. Also wraped a western belt around the front forks and added a WWII granade suicide shifter to it. check it out once the site gets around to posin it up and let me know what you all think.
    Norton KustomS

  8. Branden (Norton KustomS) says:

    I guess we willnever see my bike due to the fact xs650choppers has yet to put up my updated post!!!! its on xs650.com called Hooligan if you wana check it out~
    Norton KustomS

  9. norm younger says:

    nice start