Getting closer…. 78 xs650 chopper


Hardtail installed, 1932 ford taillight solo seat oil bag made from a fire extinguisher… (electronic box) home made batt box, headlight mount… what do you think? Ordering a 750 kit from Mikes tonight and all the gaskets and some new cam chain guides….



spring is comming… I think I will grab a boyer ingnition too…. I guess that is the way to go from what you all say….



Ron in Maine


  1. The drain plug has a magnet on the end of it that collects debris from the oil. When you remove a drain plug, always be sure to clean the gunk off the end before screwing it back in. Make sure you replace the copper crush gasket also.

  2. Spun says:

    Yesah, that there is a wicked good staht. keep afta it, won’t be long till the end of mud season.

  3. Ron says:

    thanks, Now have fender struts!! cant wait to try this thing…

  4. bradshaw says:

    where you located in maine?? I live in maine maybe we could link up?

  5. Ron says:

    In northport, next to Belfast… you? my email is send me a line!! Ron

  6. Blackwidow says:

    looks like a great start

  7. Ben says:

    Mine is looking very similar. I’m also using mags and the disc in the rear, and the tc bros hardtail. Is this the only way with the stock brake set-up that it will work? I would love to put mine on the inside of the hardtail. What else can be done?

  8. Ron says:

    I dont see why you cant put the caliper on the inside of the tubes, you will just have to bleed your brakes with the caliper off so the bleeder is on top, I am not so sure my caliper will stay there either…. And the stock arm that holds it may turn into a turnbuckle with heim joints… mabye… it is all a “mabye” right now… lol… thanks for the comments/ideas… keep em comming!!! thanks again guys!! Ron

  9. Ben says:

    I tried it this morning. It won’t work without cutting into the axle plate and that isn’t something I want to do. I might try to fab up a seperate bracket for a four or six piston caliper. I’m taking it to a frame builder/fabricator tomorrow to see if it can be done. I’m not running a front brake so the bigger the better.

  10. Russ says:

    I had a friend who had his disc on top whith the stock ancor arm years ago .And I rember his stock ancor bending on him in an emergency highspeed stop. Its a good idea to build a stronger one.

  11. Ron says:

    I probably will take that advise, I think I can make something that looks alot better too… I like the way ardcore did it on Bad Penny, they bolted it too the fender mount with a through bolt that went through the fender mount and frame with a bushing… looks good…

  12. norm younger says:

    nice start