Eight Foot Fatty


I bought this bike in a box completely disassembled in Ruskin Florida in 2007.  I was later told that it was originally built by Blacksmith Billy (if anyone can confirm, i would love to know more)  This is by far the most well crafted XS I have ever owned.  The frame, tank, jackshaft, bars, grips, forwards, Trees, and electric box are all one-off milled billet.  


This bike is over eight feet long and packs a 200mm avon on a 16×5.5 rear fat spoke.  The front is a 21×3.25 also sporting an Avon venom.  The jackshaft is floating between billet diamonds and is  attached to the frame via heim joints.


I re-assembled this bike, installed a boyer braedeson ignition, lowered the rear sprocket to a 29 tooth, installed dual petcocks, rebuilt the carbs,painted it HD Black Pearl and rode the S*#t out of it.  I worked at the local harley dealership in nashville tn and it always drew a crowd in a sea of evos and twincams.  If any one has any more info on the bike’s history, please post and let me know.


Valley House Customs inc.


  1. Bodhi says:

    A floating jackshaft hmmm

    I imagine that allows for front chain adjustment as well as moving the axle for rear chain adjustment.

    What did they normally do, slot the jackshaft base or mount it in a fixed position ?

    Anyway Nice ride…

    I added the “nice ride” as a disclaimer to any statement that might be misinterpreted as criticism. Its like saying “your girlfriend is a round heeled hoe but I mean that with no disrespect”

    the last part validates the first as being only positive in its observation. How could you be offended.

    on the other hand it is a “nice ride” so you can disregard the rest of my comments…far too much coffee this morning.

  2. Valley House Customs says:

    Bodhi~the Base of the jackshaft was bolted to a fixed mount on the frame so only the top of the jackshaft was “floating” and it was basically for front chain adj….it came apart once , the design was a little sketch but it rode out.

  3. Blackwidow says:

    I like the long low stance and the front end

  4. Primitive says:

    yes Bill Norton aka Blacksmith Billy built that bike
    he makes nice stuff, that was an early bike, the first xs if im not mistaken
    he won 3rd last year at the spring thaw with an xs

    you got a good lookin scoot

  5. Adam says:

    I’m glad to hear that the jack shaft is working out for you, seeing as I will be running the same basic setup on my 250mm. Nice to see a long xs well done.

  6. Valley House Customs says:

    Primitive~ thanks for the info on the original builder!!

    Adam~ The jackshaft always worked great, it came apart once like I stated above but in hindsight, it came apart bc I put it together in a rush and did not locktite a few key components.
    Here is a great design for a jackshaft that I have used before on a vulcan:


  7. Blacksmithbilly says:

    Small world, and yes that was my first build in 04. I learned alot building that machine. I originally sold it to a guy in Deland,Fla. I kept in touch with him for awhile.. and then later he e-mailed me about selling her
    Good to see its back to life..and in good hands!
    Thanks for posting it!

  8. Valley House Customs says:

    Billy~what everyone can’t see is that removable plate in the elec box that pops out with all of the electrics bolted neatly in order….genius..also the kickstart lever is bent perfectly to clear the pipes..the trees were a work of art!!


  9. Blacksmithbilly says:

    Thanks, I burned the midnight oil machining stuff for that bike.
    Does the stator cover still spin when its running?
    Originally ,it had a single intake with xr250 carb setup…prob long gone

    I had alot of fun with it…
    you do the same!

  10. Valley House Customs says:

    Stator cover still spins!! The single intake was gone before I put it back together…wish I had the intake..

  11. Adam says:

    That is the jackshaft that I found for years ago when I started the bike and am making mine after it, thanks. Blacksmithbilly if this is the same guy I’m thinking of I owe my foot clutch setup too you,LOL. You do some nice work.

  12. Blacksmithbilly says:

    Thanks Adam,
    Yes I have made several foot clutch gizmos (glad you liked it)and hydraulics outfits too.
    The jackshaft on this bike was a response to the silly(cast) pillow block.. slotted base setups, that seemed to be everywhere at the time.

  13. R.C says:

    Really like this scooter…anyway possible to get a shematic on those trees?

  14. R.C says:

    schematic on those trees…. lol@ typo

  15. Adam says:

    I hope those silly setups work well because that is exactly what I am useing, LOL. Again nice job.

  16. BILL D. says:

    Blacksmithbilly….please contact me at bigdaddyfatboypudge@verizon.net , would like to know if you would fab a foot clutch conversion (no cable) for me for my xs650 chopper. Did you make a bolt-in kit for the xs650 yet? thanks Bill D. (Newport Delaware 19804)

  17. norm younger says:

    Great bike It looks like something russell mitchell would build.

  18. fanoboss says:

    So many cool things about this site. I hope all you guys are still around. I’d love to have a hydraulic clutch for my ’81 xs650. That’s the same ’81 xs650 that I bought from Bhodi, who was the first to comment on this thread that had an interesting title, lol. It’s a small world when you ride an xs650.