I have never really been into bikes until just this past summer I was surfing the net and found That was it I was hooked and had to find a bike, so I got a 1977 XS650. I just thought I would share with everybody what I have come up with so far.

I stripped the bike down chopped her in half and added a TC Bros hard tail, the wheels got the chop next. Then got new rims 21’x1.85 front and 16’x3 for the rear, powder coated everything black and some new spokes. Wrapped with some Avon Venom white wall tires. The tanks is a 2.2g Alien dual cap and the fender a 5” ribbed with a duck tail end from 7 metal west.


I have to thank everybody here for the inspiration to build a bike and the guys from Cannon Ball Customs for the wheels.
So far the bike building seem easier then I thought, just hope learning how to ride is too lol. I don’t have a license yet.


Christopher Gaskin

xs650 tanktop
xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve