XS650 Tracker- The Long, Winding Road


Write about your XS650.: 1981 650 Streettracker. Originally got this bike from my dad, who put 6″ over forks on it and lost interest, then gave me the bike. At the time, chopper look wasn’t working for me, especially how my dad was going to go about it. Love the look of Mule Trackers, but way out of my budget.Have been working on it now for about six years, time and money being the limiting factors. Over that time, I have gone back and forth many times deciding- chopper or tracker?, as I have now seen a lot of nice 650 choppers.


Decided I have too much in it now to chop it, so next build will be a chopper or bobber, definitely with a 750 kit. Overhauled stock engine with Pamco ignition and 36mm Mikuni round-slides. Mikes 2-1 exhaust, modified Wiseguys swingarm brace (wasn’t happy with the fit), drilled front rotor, Hotwing seat. Lots of Parts from MIkes XS, and freebies when I could get them. All work done by myself except aluminum number plates and TIG welding of swingarm- done by a good friend with much more welding and fab skills than myself! Just need to finish wiring and paint. Hope to have it on the road this summer.