XS650 on it’s ride back from the dead


My buddy gave this bike to my son a little over a year ago….he lost interest and moved home for a few months….since then I decided to clean up the shop and put all the 650 parts in one place….like bolt them all together:)  It’s a 73′ with a TC weld on section that is really nicely tig welded together with better slugs machined to fit tight and long…


TC slugs were junk and didn’t fit worth a damm This bike sat in my buddys back yard under shelter for 7 years…..turns out, with some long hours, (and a parts bike) it runs like a top…..120 psi on left cyl and 110 on the right hot compresion test…..blew us both away
I don’t have alot of time or $$$ so it is takeing longer than I would like….but that is ok cause I just got a Great Deal, really great deal, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP on a runnner…gonna be my winter rain ride, I usually ride my ironhead sporty, but all my life I have had a real soft spot for the XS….had one when I was a kid and loved it, but wanted a harley.


Now I have a really cool 73 ironhead that I love, but these XS650’s are comeing out of the woodwork and I love it…these are pics of the chopper and the new runner for the BC Canada rain
I’ll post more pics when the chopper is a runner too:)
I Love this site !!!!
Best site i’ve found for the XS 650’s yet
shinny sides up dudes:)

the wrench


  1. Blackwidow says:

    damn free bike you can’t beat that

  2. Rusty Nutz says:

    I know a guy who had an ironhead and an xs at the same time. He sold the ironhead and kept the xs.

  3. david valentine says:

    hey man im looking for a xs too bob , wondering if you knew anyone who had a stock xs or already bobbed for sale in the bc area



  4. norm younger says:

    cool bike i like the paint on the tank

  5. Wrench says:

    Ya everyone has been wanting that tank for years…
    I can’t part with it, this is the 3rd bike I have had it on:)
    Just added a update on where the bike is at now
    almost done:)