The last ride??


I’ve been it this for a lot of years, even got the D.V.R. to prove it. I use to ride Triump 650’s and I know them in side and out. but when I lost my job in 82 working for a thump. dealer I went over to the Yamaha shop and a week later  I had a 1975 xs650.


That I got out of the back room of the shop for $425.+tax. need less to say it put that triumph in the weeds. that was in Dec. 82. the next year the ol’lady and me walked out to the show room and bought a new 83 650 (that we still have, Along with my 66 triumph.) I’ve built a lot of choppers and Bob jobs over the years but I really think this 77 I got here is going to be my last. Most of this came from not ever having any money but wanting somthing that pulled down some respect when you pulled into the lot.. any one in there rite mind never disrespects a chopper. unless there not feeling so well….



  1. toe. says:

    i dig this!

  2. brian says:

    Nice work, I like your modified tank.

  3. Tebo says:

    Spike, What Brian said. I’m diggin’ the tank. Did you hammer, or cut,flip, and weld? I like the lines of the pipes, too.

  4. norm younger says:

    great tank and seat