R.C Update and near finished


I posted up some pics when I first started this xs……. bottom line:  this scoot has an invest cost of ZERO…. took much time with the proverbial craigslist and some driving around but after many swaps this is what I came up with. The tank is my own design built in trade for a rolling xs I had….built by Bruce Reed of Evil Empire studios in the Bend Oregon area, he built this from some templates I made… also made the bars for me.


Paint in the tank is natural rust with clearcoating, and pins also done by Evil Empire.. After many yrs of riding and owning many diff bikes I had always wanted an xs chop I think this has turned out over the top cool and I know for a fact there isnt another xs like this one… ride it like is is now and next year get the single downtube done… Yet to do: finish custum taillight… machine the brass doo-dads, and fwd controls as well as footpegs. Yea its weird and strange but its my first ever build and my first tank design.


I want to say thank you to Bruce Reed for making my  tank a reality.. and I want to thank Ken B  for his info and “speedo” two up-front people and I am pleased to know them.



  1. Blackwidow says:

    thats something different

  2. jimmy ako says:

    that looks realy nice i think you have done a gr8 job. do you not think spoke wheels would realy finish the job : )

  3. R.C says:

    Thanks I am very proud of it…… no I lean on the mags.

  4. Tebo says:

    R.C, Holy Cripes! Nobody’s gonna harsh this. You went from first build to First Contact! I thought I recognized that frame and the exhaust extensions. That tank is totally sick-ass! You hit this one out of the park, first pitch, dude, nicely done.

  5. Norton Kustoms says:

    hey R.C looks good man. I have a rear disk break set up for the mags and a set of mags… Im excited to get to work on it. Anyways you did great on it….
    Norton KustomS

  6. R.C says:

    Cool Braden, I have a spare rear with disc but I am saveing it to use o9n the front aft I get a set of wide trees made, Bruce Reed will be here around noonish you should come out and meet him. he is a top shelf fabricator/artist

    Left to do: wireing ~Brett Riggs~… and mount rear fender.

  7. Norton Kustoms says:

    ok sounds good ill see what i cant do… ill give ya a call tomorrow.

  8. Norton Kustoms says:

    also what bike is bruce’s?

  9. R.C says:

    Bruce’s bike is under this heading: new life for an old bike

    And other pics at http://www.evilempirestudio.com along with some of his paint and other works.

    Dont take this wrong in anyway but if you want something done and done to your specs he is the go-to guy in the pacific north west.

  10. R.C says:

    His bike is under this heading: new life for an old bike

    you can see more of his work at http://www.evilempirestudio.com

    He is a a go-to guy and affordable! if you want something done in the pacific north west I would lokk no further than Bruce Reed

  11. R.C says:

    I dont know why my replies arnt showing up

    here is his bike under this topic: new life for an old bike

  12. Norton KustomS says:

    Hey Rick it was nice meetin you and Bruce today…great bike man and if you need anything let me know. Feel free to come out anytime.

  13. Hey rick are you going to be using that seat on your bike? The last time I was at your house I over heard you talkin to bruce about him buildin you a new one? Anyways I have a customer in serch for a bigger seat like the one on your bike. If your not going to use it do ya wana get rid of it?
    Thanks Bud…

  14. El Gaucho says:

    I’ll buy it for double, no wait, triple what you have into it right now……..:P