Hello XS650 riders, this is Hotrod, this is my 1980 Bratstyle ride, still needs alot of work, sat idel for awhile, theres along story behind it and the bike. A friend and I started building this bike together, His name was John Greenlee II. His life was cut short Oct.10,2009.


He was hit on his 1987 Virago which we just finished building a week earlyer. He was on his way to my house when he got hit by some 21yr. old bitch talking on a cell phone, She went through a red light doing about 65-70 mph. He didn’t have a chance.



I wasn’t going to finish the build, but alot of friends of mine said I should continue the build, thats what John would want, So I took it out of mothballs and the build goes on, IN TRIBUTE TO JOHN GREENLEE II, God rest his soul. Someday his 2yr. old son Payton will own this ride.

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