Just thought i would let you guys in on my next project. I’ve been snoopin around on this site for a while now and its high time i contributed. The first shot is my barn find 71 xs650 still covered in owl crap, sportin an extended front end, pull back bars, shortie pipes and the notorious sissy bar.


Soon as i got her home i hooked up the jumper box and after a few kicks with some fresh petrol she roared to life like a bat out of hell. Mostly due to one of the throttle cables being stuck in the balls out position. OOps. so she needs a tune up but at least i know its all there. The plan is for a one off hardtail possible 21” front and rear. high tank low bars. hell who knows.


The bike decides! I threw in a couple other shots of one of my other 650s that i was working on that got traded off. And also a shot of my 79 KZ400 hell raiser. Hope you guys enjoy, and ill be sure to keep you guys updated. though i have a baby on the way and a 37 che
v pickup back on the road so im not puttin a deadline on it.



xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve