just what i needed (in the process)


Seemed like a fair trade to me

What we have here is a 1975 xs650, i recently purchased after selling my 1981 cb750, and filing my taxes through H&R block, found this on craigslist, he wanted $1500 for it, i offered $900 not trying to low ball, but, no title, electrical was a mess (mess is an understatement), and he couldn’t prove that it started, we almost settled with $1100 but then another guy came and offered $1350, but he was already dealing with me, so i scrounged up as much as i could and came up with $1100 after borrowing $100 dollars from four different friends, haha, gotta love em, and the seller agreed to let me pay the other $200 when i get a chance, so i got it for $1300, now hoping that it worked when i got it home this seemed like a fair trade to me, it was already hardtailed, had the wheels (21/18), tires, fork, tank, head light, and tail light that i wanted, and it had good compression and spark.


So i was going to be saving a lot of time and money doing it this was, and i already knew someone who wanted to buy the seat and grips, so i have all the freedom in the world to customize this bike exactly like i want to! and lucky for me after i got a new battery on her and a little elbow grease and starting fluid, this mother purrrrred! best sound i could have imagined!

I dont have much knowledge with anything to get this bike done, but i have a friend who is an electrical engineer, two or three friends who are mechanics, a handful that do custom welding/paint/and exhaust, lets just say i know the right people in the right places, and have the creative outlook and ambition to get this done exactly like i want! I plan on building a batt/elec box out of a vintage toaster and making the on/off switch the lever that pushes the bread down, next im going to put a rear fender, a slim sissy bar, and a bates p pad on it, so the lovely lady in my life can charge the streets with me, taking the dirtbike bars and foot pegs off and getting new bars made to my exact design, going to have the exhaust come straight back on both sides, and the left side wrapping under the seat, over the batt/elec and meet up above the right side exhaust and angle in the ground, and putting a brown leather seat that i found on ebay, undecided what im going to do for foot pegs, passenger pegs, and kicked pedal yet, im leaning toward either a kicker made by Hi-Bond modified or just a standard brass skeleton kicker. I plan on doing a flat black over a satin burnt orange, then having it aged for the old hot rodder look, and having some clean pin striping put over it but leaving the frame the color that it is, cause thats the exact color i planned on doing it.

well thats all i have to say right now, please feel free to give me advice or suggestion, i am located in milwaukee, wi and am always looking for people to ride with..

Dustin Ciborosky


  1. Bodhi says:

    A toaster……….

    I was going to use a coffee maker for mine and drink lattes while driving one handed and jockey shifting with my feet. lol

    the bike looks structurally sound and it would appear the po did a few things right, except for stuffing the coil into the spot the bagels would normally go.

    seems you got a decent deal , good luck with the project

  2. Blackwidow says:

    bikes headed in the right direction for sure.. What kind of handle bars are those??

  3. Migustigus says:

    The bars look like Renthal cr lows.

  4. douglas bubbletrousers says:

    yeah threw the toaster on there last night! its definitely gonna get a second look, i see everyone always has ammo boxes or just opened up, just my own little touch to make it completely original, and now the bike looks like its running on a toaster, its my own little ‘flux capacitor’ a’la Back To The Future. haha it rules!

    and yes the bars are renthal, not sure of the exact model.

  5. douglas bubbletrousers says:

    BTW soooo stoked that my post got the honor of being posted right under the Electric Wizard video!! (best band ever, if you don’t know, definitely get on top of that!)

  6. Manny says:

    Man i was going to buy this from the guy in waukesha lol..oh well well good luck

  7. REEB! says:

    Cool looking bike. Seen it on CL thought about getting it but with no title didn’t think it was worth it. Glad to see its going to continue in the right direction! Im in southside Chicago maybe if there’s enough people we could all get together for an Xs ride!

  8. douglas bubbletrousers says:

    reeb: we should definitely set something up this season, there are at least 5 of us that will have completed bikes by the end of spring, and we can do another at near the end of summer and there will be more! ever heard of the rockerbox? its a custom bobber/chopper event in milwaukee during august, usually a good turn out, should get a bunch of people to come check that out!

  9. Blackwidow says:

    thanx for the info on the bars I really like that style of bars

  10. reeb says:

    dude that sounds cool! i will check it out. i love going to milwaukee. i have a bike thats complete now and one im just starting on. i am going to check out rockerbox! if ur into rat rods and tradition cars check out the hunnert car pile up. it has been getting insane the last two years

  11. douglas bubbletrousers says:

    hell yeah! we came out to that last year right as they were making everyone leave!! but we snuck in anyway! haha and there is cheaterama! there are some ammmmmazing rat rods there too!!

  12. Billybobba says:

    Please tell me that isn’t ice on the road, how do you people live in these frozen fuc*in places???????????

  13. sam says:

    get some bags and a fat tire

  14. I love the bucket of electronics. Classic.

  15. Sean says:

    id really like to see it when i gets done.

  16. Poverty says:

    God this Bike Is Perfect just how It is but to Each his own .. but Man I really really Like It As Is

  17. Dennis says:

    I’d go with the “Toasted English Muffins – $1” sticker

    Seriously, did the toaster idea work?