JunkYard Dog


Got this xs a few years back and it turned out exactly as imagined. I bought a 79 xs special. I had the frame hardtailed. Then started getting on ebay. I found a tank from a old Indian dirt bike.

I gave Robby Smith, www.robbysmith.net, and Okaw Valley Customs a basic idea of what I wanted. They nailed it.

Found a old springer and was told it was a Denvers Choppers, but who knows. Anyway it was in pieces and the legs were straight but long as hell. Had all new hardware added to it. I cut down the massive rockers. Okaw Valley Customs shorten the long legs so it sat right. And added a headlight mount. Had a local shop make the sissybar and it was perfect. Robby spaced the rear wheel and mounted the fender.
Okaw Valley Customs hooked me up with a sweet brake setup. They pieced together a hand brake. I made the shifter with a Robby Smith handle. I made the seat. Check out more of my work at www.lastridecustoms.com , and myspace at www.myspace.com/lastrideleather. My friend Travis hook me up in the wiring and the carbs, ran like a champ. I can’t think him enough for the amount of time it took him to get it running and charging. I could never had gotten to this point without Robby Smith, Okaw Valley Customs, and Travis. These guys do a great job.

I am now going to start a xs650 hardtail flattracker, I need a race bike and found one to build. So I am letting go alot of the parts that are on the Junkyard Dog, including the Springer, seat, fender/sissybar setup, and other chopper parts on eBay. Link is for the springer, but other items can be found in my other auctions link.
Adam Croft


  1. Braundo says:

    Bad ass bike love the tank.

  2. Rusty Nutz says:

    Great work of art. Too bad it’s getting parted out. Oh well lol I’d ride it.

  3. HAPPY DAN says:


  4. Adam says:

    I would like to keep it, but need to get a race bike built and need to fund it. Once you have something for awhile, you got to move on and do something different.
    Anyone that ever gets a chance, go to the Peoria Il PMC park in the late summer for the vintage m/c races. Xs650s,bsa’s,triumphs,hd’s,bultaco’s,royal enfields and other vintage bikes racing and leaking oil. Best time I have ever had watchin them and eventually would like to have my turn around the track…Thanks for the comments on the bike, I will always have pics and the gas tank to remind me of it.

  5. CHAD says:

    love this ride what springer ar you using’

  6. Adam says:

    Not sure, bought it off ebay. I was told it was a Denvers Choppers. But I dont know. It was in torn apart when I got it. Had the legs shorten, new neck stem made and adaptor for it and added new bearings. All new hardware and it works perfect. Awesome patina piece.

  7. eric says:

    how long is the springer, and where on ebay can i search for it?

  8. eric says:

    nevermind, i clicked on the link….DUH? haha. nice scoot

  9. Adam says:

    Thank you! I could not have gotten it all done without the help of my friends….

  10. Eric says:

    nice leather work dude

  11. Blackwidow says:

    Sad to hear your tearing the bike down so are you getting a whole new bike or using this exact bike to make the flattracker??

  12. Rick says:

    I love the seat. Currently building a 78 xs special bratstyle. Can the seat pan be bought without leather or do I need to buy the whole seat.

  13. Adam says:

    My customers make or have there pans and send them to me. Sorry. If you are using a frame seat, then you can use 16ga steel. if you are doing spring seat, I would use 14ga or thicker. Fab Kevin makes a awesome spring seat.


  14. Steve says:

    Way cool !!

  15. Norton KustomS says:

    did you get rid of the springer? I dig the bike..

  16. I bought your 21″. Not sure if I’ll run it or save it for the next one, but it was a bargain either way. Cheers.

  17. Adam says:

    Thanks Norton Kustoms, but I did get rid of the springer.

    IamNinja, Glad you like the wheel.

  18. sean from boston says:

    really cool bike

  19. mike says:

    like the beer opener on the front down tube