joel Guerra “solo cycles”


Rolled another xs650 named “JD”.  I got this bike from acouple of crack heads that were using it as a dirt bike.  ever seen a xs650 fly i have.  the bike is a 79 and was in bad shape. I don’t have a funny story that goes with the bike, i just have a cool bike to roll around on.  the bikes on this site are over the top.  I hope you like this bike.





Jack “D” solo cycles


  1. brad says:

    Sweet Ass bike. Is that the Brake fluid in the Jack Daniels bottle? Does it work? Good job keep doing your thing.

  2. joel "solo cycles" says:

    thanks Brad. Yes it’s brake fluid and yes its glass. The brakes stop on a dime.

  3. roberto down the street says:

    Joel the bike looks kick ass. Good job man love the Johnny Cash pic.
    ill get mine running soon enough then its off to starbucks

  4. Dave says:

    Every thing about this bike is sick. I’m having Joel work on a bike for me right now and have been repeatedly amazed by what he’s able to accomplish.

  5. joel "Solo cycles" says:

    Reberto down the street I’m kind of over startbucks now i moved on to IHOP “all you can eat pancakes bitch” and don’t forget mothera F-in popsicles bitch.

  6. jSv says:

    You know what they say: “Cocain’s a hell of a drug!”

  7. jon says:

    Did you make the mid-controls. This bike is the best I’ve seen so far you have skills man.

  8. joel "Solo cycles says:

    i used the stock mid-controls, I cut and welded the stock bolt along the frame. thanks for the comments

  9. stev-o says:

    I like the drop seat. nice build. where did you get the tank?

  10. joel "solo cycles" says:

    I made the tank from a flat piece of sheet metal. the tank is called BYOBT “Bring Your Own Booze Tank”

  11. SAM D says:

    !!!!!!!!YOU GOT SKILLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP CHOPPIN. This site has some nice rides.

  12. cr blues says:

    Sweet ride. Love the build and detailed work. Did you cut up and extend the frame yourself? there’s just so many cool things going on on this bike – by far the best on the site.

  13. joel "Solo cycles" says:

    XS Dave – I can build one for you if you’d like. you can reach me at

  14. Blackwidow says:

    Nice bikes

  15. cisco87 says:

    Cool Ass bike. i dig the webbing on the background – you got skills man.

  16. cisco87 says:

    Do you build these for yourself or do you also build bikes for us folks. would like a sweet ride like that.

  17. joel "solo cycles" says:

    I build them for me and you folks. I love these bike, so much fun to ride.

  18. reynoldburton says:

    Absolutely killer bike/s!
    Like the black and the greengolden one much more than the one without motor

  19. dave says:

    WOW sick bikes!!!!!

  20. d-blow says:

    Hey joel “solo cycles” do you only build xs650 or do you build other kinds. I have a CB750 that I would love for you to do your thing to.

  21. mark A says:

    I`m glad you saved the bike from the crack heads , good job !!!!

  22. joel "Solo cycles says:

    lol crack heads brake everything, but they sell everything.

  23. mike says:

    sweet rides

  24. mike says:

    Do you have a website?

  25. Pops says:

    Nice build. When I look at this bike I want a coke for some reason.

  26. joel "solo cycles" says:

    D-blow, I will chop, build, and ride anything. Im doing a CB750 now that is coming out bad ass. let me know if you want to work something out.

  27. Dave says:

    I fly “SOLO” — the only way to go.

  28. joel "Solo cycles says:

    You the man Dave and your bike should be on the road soon………

  29. Tim says:

    Johnny Cash rules!!!!!!

  30. exwifessistershusband says:

    hey do you ever do anything with xs 750s

  31. joel "solo cycles" says:

    funny you should ask yes i do. I just built one for a guy named “sucide mike”. its a 1980 yamaha xs750 with a sucide shift.

  32. norm younger says:

    great bike. i love the jack daniels brake resevoir.