This is my 1983 Yamaha custom bobber.. I know the engine has a alot of custom work done to it. the bike is sick!! rides pretty nice and gets alot of attention.. I just added the white walls, which i think make the bike stand out..




John Kelyana


  1. Matt says:

    Looks like another pimp G&L build??? Nice bike…I WILL have one of them built for me someday…

  2. Blackwidow says:

    thats an awesome bike I love everything about it even that side saddle bag is pretty cool

  3. john kelyana says:

    thanks everyone, im in chicago (downtown area) and yup your right on its a gl chopper build..and yea i think the saddlebag makes it look very good, i jus actually got the same one for the right side now..

  4. Mike Dark Shadows says:

    Bike looks nice! I’m from the tinley park area and just started my xs bobber build

  5. Jim Lehner says:

    hey your bike is awesome!!!1 Are those the stock rims from the xs650?? What make, model, and tire size are they if you don’t mind me asking? Trying to find that rear fender, that bike is perfect!!

  6. hangman says:

    NICE! very clean.

  7. Adam says:

    lookin for the white walls… what size and what brand? please and thank you

  8. John says:

    whats up adam, there avon tires.. the front where 190-90-19 and the rear i forgot, but i know the rim size was a 16.. look around on ebay or google avon white walls

  9. DanJ says:

    I really like the whitewalls. Matches the white on the tank, elec box, and fender perfectly. Not a big fan of the apes, though. Is that a TC Bros weld-on hard tail or somewhere else?

  10. fanoboss says:

    liked !