Chad ride


Well this is my 82 xs650 been rideing it for one season and I love it some of my custom modes well to many to list and I will be pulling the motor for a complet rebuild with the big bore kit from mikes also change up the rear fender and paint just to start.






  1. R.C says:

    I am digging it~!

  2. Miguel Garcia says:

    Cool build, nice choice in bars! liking the pipes also!

  3. Rob says:

    AWESOME !! I now have a visual template for my dreams :>)

  4. roberto down the street says:

    looks good man very clean

  5. steve says:

    Nice bike! Give us some specs. I noticed the B.C plates. Any problems with the side mounted tail light and not having signals?

  6. CHAD says:

    thanks guys, well were to start the frame is from G&L choppers200 rear 30* rake, also got the forwerd controls,bat box and electrical box from G&L front forks are 89 gsxr 1100 whitch I turned so yes no front brake,made up the pipes and wraped them ,I am a BC boy and it is not necessary to have signals and it is still legal to run your plate like this here but I here there trying to change it.
    Thanks Guys

  7. Blackwidow says:

    I like that rear rim where did you get it and how hard was it to make it work on the xs650??

  8. CHAD says:

    Blackwidow, I picked up the rear rim from a local shop and I bout the 200 rear frame and an offset sproket kit from G&L an thats that next time I would go 180 as is would have gone in with a less trouble.

  9. Ben says:

    nice. metzelers???

  10. Blackwidow says:

    I wasn’t much concerned with the 200 size as I like the stock rear rim the 16 that is I just like the all chrome wheels

  11. mick says:

    I got a question for you. I’m building a 78′ right now and I’m doing a single rear disk brake just like you did. My question is, how well dose your bike stop?????? Love the bike.


  12. CHAD says:

    blackwidow the rear rim is a 18″.

  13. CHAD says:

    Mick, this bike stops great wouldent go big bore if it didnt.

  14. Rob says:

    Chad, I come back to this post every couple of days. I really love the look of your scoot man !! I’m E-bay/Craigslist hunting for the heap that will become mine. Thanks for puttin it out here for us all to enjoy.

  15. joel mekolites says:

    how much over stock is this raked? do you have raked trees to get the trail in line? How does she handle with the rake? is she heavy when you turn????