basement build


My bike was an 83 heritage special. I bought this bike in august of 2008. i rode it pretty much stock for that year and did some work over the winter in my buddys grandfathers basement. i made the side covers from an old door off an 87 chevy truck.




Body line from the truck worked perfect for what i was going for. i got some mikuni vm34 carbs, painted the tank fenders and side covers with duplicolor gunmetal grey spray paint. bike runs awesome, i havent done anything to the motor besides the carbs.


only complaint is its not a very good highway bike but that hasnt stopped me from taken a few trips up to new hampshire.

Kyle Flanagan


  1. bykerbrad says:

    Excellent work. I like the rear loop around the seat. I built mine in my basement too, its nice and peaceful down there huh?

  2. Kyle says:

    Thanks for the compliment. all I did was cut the back of the stock frame off and cut about an inch in a half out of it. Basement work is nice with no one to bother you

  3. Nelson says:

    Kyle your bike looks really good. I plan to get one of my own some day hopefully sooner than later and I must say that your bike has given me a lot of ideas on how I want to build mine. Good Job on the build.