75 cafe to stocker


Here are some pics of my 75 xs650b , I bought it about 10 years ago out of a junk yard , fixed it up as a stocker for awhile then made it into a cafe racer for a few years then back to a stocker


My last build was a sr500 cafe racer (not a xs but still cool ) I`m working on a bobber but it`s not done yet , great site , I look at it for hours and love it .




  1. Tebo says:

    Dude, this is like MY bike!! Except, I’m going from stocker/cafe to back to life, rusted, flat black, boneyard rat style (which means no style). Mine’s a basket case I’m trying to get out of the basket. Your’s runs at least, and that’s more than I can say for my ’75. Inquiring minds want to know, bro’, so update us. I’ll post mine as soon as I can figure out how to fly a computer past, like, making comments.

  2. Hans from Holland says:

    Just great, the ’75 B model is my favourite stocker. Got myself also ten years XSactly one as yours, also an US model which is rare here in Holland.
    The European B had two discs in front. Be economical with the mufflers, they’re very hard to find !!! One thing, get rid of those plastic square mirrors and put the originals on. Ride on !

  3. mark A says:

    the 75 650b is my favorite , I`m still taking it back to stock slowly , the radian swing arm will be replaced with the stock one , the shocks , signals and mirrors need to be changed back , I would hop on this bike and ride to the left coast , it`s a great bike .

  4. Steve says:

    Can’t beat a 75 ‘ xs B !!!

  5. Tech7 says:

    Love seeing this bike in all of its’ iterations. I admire your ability to put it back in original shape, but I love the cafe version. Interesting the single left front brake. I see the high pipes made it to the new bike. Very cool. Great bike.