1981 XS650 Cafe


The bike is built on a stock ’81 frame, motor rebuilt to stock specs, I rebuilt the wheels using stock ’75 aluminum rims(both 19″) and new spokes, had the seat rebuilt with a bumstop, and I added the left side front disk brake assembly from an XS1100.


I repainted the frame, fenders, and gastank with rattle cans, and I also did the gold pinstriping by hand. A fun bike to ride and to show off.

mark hirshbeel


  1. Rob says:

    The “Jr. Sample Sales” reference damn near makes it for me. Not what I would build, but I bet its fun as Sh*t to ride. Nice job man.

  2. mark A says:

    cool bike , these bike are a blast to build and ride

  3. Steve says:

    I like the headlight fairing. who makes it? Sharp looking bike!

  4. DENNI$ says:

    hey Mark, you still out there? Curious about that left front brake.